Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year, New Makeup Resolutions!

New Year’s Day. A fresh start, a blank page, a new beginning. Time to set some Makeup Resolutions. I have come up with several goals and guidelines for myself for this coming year and the common theme for me is to buy less makeup this year. Let me explain:

I started out by doing an inventory of my makeup. It doesn’t feel like nearly as much when I see it sitting in its drawers and organizers as it does when I see it in numbers. And holy crap you guys, I have 100 lipsticks. (I will share my stats for everything in a moment.) I did spend the last few months of 2015 doing some de-stashing, during which time I sold 18 eyeshadow palettes. (!!!) So at some point these numbers would have been much higher, but still. For this inventory I’m not counting stuff that is in my destash pile or currently listed for sale on Makeup Exchange. I love makeup and I have a ton of it. So I have decided I need to spend more time this year loving the makeup I already have rather than lusting over the next thing I want. I understand that there will be products I really want, so I have set my goals accordingly and I think reasonably.

First up, Inventory. I am about 95% confident in the accuracy here, I think if I’m off a little it will be in lip products as there always seems to be a couple hiding in random places, like purse pockets or in my car. On a few items, I was kinda between two categories to include them in, but I ultimately chose one and included them. (I also just realized I forgot to include my massive collection of Wet n Wild singles, trios, quads, 6-pans and 8-pans. So basically, add like a hundred when you get to eyeshadows. That’s embarrassing. I just can’t help buying their stuff, it’s so good!) All the products currently in my vanity and makeup organization have been accounted for besides the aforementioned Wet n Wild stash. Keep in mind that some of these are not yet opened, I have a plastic 3 drawer unit full of unopened products to be “used next.” All of those unopened products have been accounted for as well. Here are the numbers:

Category: Total # (# Full Size/ # Deluxe Size/Sample/Packet)

Prep Spray/Treatment: 3 (2/1)
Primer: 17 (3/14)
Foundation: 4 (2/2)
Concealer: 5 (4/1)
Illuminator: 10 (2/8)
Finishing Powder: 16 (11/5)
Finishing Spray: 3 (1/2)
Mattifier: 3 (1/2)
Blush: 32 (19/13)
     Cream: 3 (1/2)
     Powder: 29 (18/11)
Bronzer: 11 (8/3)
Highlighter: 19
     Cream: 5 (3/2)
     Liquid: 3 (1/2)
     Pencil: 3 (3/0)
     Powder: 8 (4/4)

Primer: 12 (1/11)
     Cream: 19 (18/1)
     Duos: 3 (2/1)
     Glitter: 9 (6/3)
     Loose/Pigments: 145 (84/61)
     Palettes: 17
MAC Pans: 57 (52 regular size, 5 large size)
MUFE Pans: 12 (minis!)
MUG pans: 41
Premade Palettes: 12
     Quads: 1 (1/0)
     Singles: 35 (32/3)
     Sticks: 2 (0/2)
     Trios: 3 (3/0)
Eyeliners: 52 (31/21)
     Gel: 1 (1/0)
     Glitter: 3 (3/0)
     Liquid/Pen: 4 (2/2)
     Pencil: 44 (25/19)
Mascara: 23 (7/16)
Eyebrow: 12 (10/2)
     Cream/Gel: 6 (4/2)
     Pencil: 4 (4/0)
     Powder: 1 (1/0)

Lip Balm: 39 (31/8)
     Tinted: 16 (11/5)
     Regular: 23 (20/3)
Lipstick: 100 (85/15)
     Liquid: 8 (0/8)
     Stick: 18 (18/0)
     Tube: 74 (67/7)
Lipgloss: 32 (22/10)
Lip Liner: 17 (17/0)

Wow, right? It’s a good thing I didn’t add it up by dollar amount. That would be frightening for sure! For the record, I did buy about 90% of this makeup myself, the rest came from gifts, gift cards and a Benefit Cosmetics prize pack I won over a year ago. The huge number of loose eyeshadows is due to my original makeup obsession: bareMinerals eyeshadows. Other than that, the other categories with bigger numbers is most likely from a phase I went through. I went through a lipstick phase, a buying all the colors of eyeliner I could find even though I only use black phase, a blush phase and my most recent one was highlighters last year. Obviously, this is more makeup than one person needs, but that brings me to my goals for this year:

Makeup Resolutions 2016
  1. Low-Buy! I’d like to limit the amount of new makeup I add to my collection this year so I can enjoy my current products more instead of always having something new and exciting to use. I am going to allow myself to repurchase the necessities (moisturizer, foundation, concealer, primer, etc.) if and when they are needed. (No purchasing back ups way too early!) I will limit myself to 10 “splurge” items this year, which includes color cosmetics, limited edition collections and anything else that is a want and not a need. I am not going to include any makeup gifts or gift cards I may receive in that 10 items. The 10 items are items that come out of my own money. The items I do purchase need to be well researched and not impulse buys. I want to make really sure that I am going to like a product before I purchase it by reading reviews, looking at swatches, checking it out myself in store if possible, etc. If for some reason I have to return a product and exchange it for something else or get a store credit to use later, it will still count as one item since it would be one out (for the return) and one in (the exchange/credit towards product.) Back to MAC and Sephora point perks also do not count towards my 10 items. Money made from selling makeup on Makeup Exchange does count if spent on more makeup.
  2. Shop my Stash! I want to go through the makeup I have at least once if not several times a month and pull out things I haven’t given much love to lately. My hope is by putting them in a basket on my vanity, I will use them more often. So many products sit in drawers, out of sight, out of mind, but when I actually do use them I love them! It’s time to rediscover some old favorites and maybe find some new ones. Also, I think it’s safe to say that products that sit in that basket and still don’t get used should be destashed. 
  3. Use it or Lose it! If i don’t really love a product, it is time to let it go! As I mentioned above, I have done a pretty good job destashing in the last few months of 2015, but I’m sure I can do more. I also want to include any new purchases I make this year, if I buy something that I end up not caring for, I need to actually return or exchange it if I’m able to. Not just hold onto it until the end of time for the sake of completing a set or because it’s pretty. (I’m looking at you, Naked 3!) Products I can’t return or exchange need to be sold on Makeup Exchange or given away to friends and family.  

I also want to think about a pan project or something like that. I really want to use up some items that I have had for awhile, especially open items. I do have a little basket with about 10 products in it that I am working on finishing up this month, but most were close to being used up anyway so that shouldn’t be difficult. I haven’t decided if I want to pick a few items each month to add to that basket, or go big and choose a palette to pan this year maybe? (That worked so well last year when I decided to pan my Naked 1 palette! NOT! Haha!) I also thought about picking a palette of the month to try to work all my palettes into rotation more. 

One thing I did decide to do was throw out all my open mascaras and start fresh. I have about 16 open including full size and samples, with plenty of new ones to use. (Like I could probably not buy mascara until 2020. Lol!) I have kinda been giving them each one last use this week, so maybe I will continue to go through them that way for the rest of this month and throw them all out on January 31st. 

I think that about covers my makeup goals for 2016, at least as far as my collection itself. I’m feeling pretty confident that I can survive this year using the makeup I already have and making limited, well researched purchases. What about you? Do you have any makeup resolutions or goals you are working on for 2016? 

Thanks for stopping by!