Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Review: Formula X Press Pods

(Original image from Sephora, text added by me.)
Have you seen these neat little nail polish pods at by Formula X? A single use portion of nail polish with an attached brush all self contained in a sealed capsule? Comes in like a million colors? (Okay, I think actually closer to 25.) I have to say, I love the concept!  

There was a cup of samples at my local Sephora so I picked up a couple to try out. I picked out a red called Flashy and a grey shade called Extraordinary from the sample cup. (I think the only other colors they had out were maybe a green and a yellow?) I assume these were set out to sample in store, but I really wanted to try them out how I would if I were actually painting my nails, so I just brought them home. 

To use a Press Pod, first you twist off the cap. You will want to bend the brush a little to loosen it up, as it is kinda stiff and stuck together from being in the cap. Next, turn it so the brush is facing down towards your nail and gently squeeze a little polish out of the pod and let it drip down the brush. You can then use the brush to spread the polish on your nail.

Here are my results with 2 coats. (Please excuse my dry cuticles... that is an ongoing work in progress.) My first problem was that the whole pod is so small it makes it a little difficult to hold properly while painting your nails. The way the polish comes out of the pod is in a big drop near the top of the brush which you have to let drip down to the bottom of the bristles or dab on your nail then spread with the brush. I found the brush was a little rough and small. It wasn't a perfect application by any means but it seemed to work pretty good considering the purpose of this product. There is definitely a learning curve to applying polish out of these little capsules.

The polish seemed to dry fairly quickly, which was nice until I finished my first hand and couldn't get any more out of the pod. I usually paint my nails by painting the first coat on both hands then going back to paint a second coat (if needed.) In this experiment I ended up painting two coats on my first hand then moving onto my second hand, mostly because it was drying fast enough and I was on a roll in the way I figured out how to hold it. In total, I was able to paint 2 coats on my first hand and 3 additional nails with 1 coat each on my second hand before I couldn't get any more polish out of the pod. I assumed it was empty at this point.

I decided to cut the foil base of the pod open to see if there was anything left in it. There was actually quite a bit of product left in the pod! I think these actually hold plenty of polish to use two full coats on both hands. The problem is that it dries up and plugs itself, not allowing you to finish your mani. I suppose at this point you could empty the rest of the polish onto a paper plate and use the brush to finish your nails, but that kind of defies the whole point of this product's claim to "Pop, Press and Paint for a flawless manicure on the go." 

Unfortunately, I can't comment on the length of wear for this polish, because I ended up removing it since I wasn't able to finish both hands. I did love the shade though. 

It was fun to test this little polish pod out, I just wish I had been able to achieve better results! I still love the concept but I think the application needs a little work to make it more user friendly. Have you tried the Formula X Press Pods? Did you have better results than me? I'm curious to know!

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