Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wet n Wild Limited Edition Halloween Quads

Here are swatches of the limited edition Wet n Wild Halloween 2014 Color Icon eyeshadow quads!  There was one other "LE" quad but it was identical to one from the regular line of Color Icon quads so I didn't get that one. If you are still looking for them, I found them on an end cap display at Walgreens. The whole end cap was Wet n Wild for different Halloween looks. 

Thanks for looking! I posted these last week on Instagram, if you don't follow me there, you should! I'm @cosmeticaddiction. :)

The Mysterious Urban Decay Vice LTD Palette

Early this morning, I noticed this "Sephora Exclusive - VIB Rouge Only - Limited Edition" Urban Decay Vice LTD Palette on the Sephora website for $58. It was there and then gone so quickly! And not in the typical sense where it is sold out and you can sign up to be emailed when it comes back in stock. If you try to go to the page right now it simply "doesn't exist." This leads me to believe that this palette accidentally went live early and when Sephora realized their error, they fixed it. I am sure it will be back though, and eventually available for more than just VIB Rouge level members.

But since it is unavailable at the moment and can't be excitedly and impulsively added to our carts and shipped to our homes before we really consider what we are getting, let's take a closer look. Let's look at the shades included in this palette and where we might have seen them before. Let's consider the actual value of this palette, especially for those of us who are avid Urban Decay eyeshadow fans and already have tons of Urban Decay in our collections.

From the Sephora website, here is the list of shades and descriptions included in the Vice LTD palette (rearranged into alphabetical order because I'm OCD):

Anonymous (pale peachy cream matte)
Backdoor (cool dark brown matte)
Blitz (bright metallic gold)
Chase (soft metallic bronze)
Crystal (icy metallic blue shimmer)
Deeper (metallic medium bronze)
Disco (pale metallic gold/iridescent glitter)
Floss (deep metallic emerald/micro-glitter)
Freakshow (bright purple satin)
Goddess (deep smoky blue/micro-glitter)
Heat (bright metallic copper)
Hoodoo (medium metallic violet/pink shift)
Junkshow (bright pink satin)
Laced (soft pink-nude matte)
Last Sin (pale champagne shimmer)
Nameless (medium taupe satin)
Perversion (soft black matte)
Provocateur (icy metallic pink/micro-glitter)
Roadstripe (iridescent white/blue-violet shift)
Vaporize (medium metallic gray-taupe)

The description had made it sound so exciting, saying you get "18 exclusive shades and 2 bestsellers" making it sound like 18 of the shades are exclusive only to this palette. Which is true if you consider buying single eyeshadows, since none of the 18 "exclusive shades" are available as singles. But they have almost all been available in the past in palettes or singles, many in the very recent past. Here is a breakdown of all the shades and what palettes they have appeared in in the past and which ones are actually new and exclusive to Vice LTD.

In Previous Palettes:
Vice Palette:

Vice 3:
Last Sin

15th Anniversary Palette:

Smoked Palette:

Face Case - Anarchy: 

Face Case - Shattered: 

Book Of Shadows V. 4:

Book Of Shadows I Heart NY:

Fun Palette (2012 Edition):

Previously Available as Singles:
Heat (Deluxe Eyeshadow)
Road Stripe (from the 90's as far as I can tell!)

This leaves these as the possible brand new and exclusive shades, as they are the only shades I couldn't find any information about besides being in the Vice LTD:

So overall, most of the shades have been available before in other palettes. Many of which you might have. I personally have the original Vice Palette and the 15th Anniversary palette, so within those I have 7 of the 20 shades included in the Vice LTD palette. Here are swatches of those shades:

From left to right: (Vice) Anonymous, Blitz, Laced, Provocateur, (15th Anniversary) Chase, Deeper, Junkshow

As far as packaging goes, Vice LTD is in the style of Vice and Vice 2 with the raised crystal UD but has neon to match Vice 3. This is the top view of the Vice LTD palette:

But look at Vice 3!
I actually like Vice 3 better as it looks a little more 80's. I am planning on getting the Vice 3 (hoping to wait until the Friends & Family sale starts so I can get it for 20% off!) so I can't justify the purchase of Vice LTD on the kinda cool packaging. Also, since I have a third of the eyeshadows in Vice LTD, I just don't think I need it. I am definitely not lacking on eyeshadow shades, even my purchase of Vice 3 will be mostly because of the cool packaging and because I have already collected the first two Vice palettes. (I would blame that on my OCD as well, I like to complete sets.)

I think the last thing to take into consideration for anyone still thinking about getting the Vice LTD palette is the age of your eyeshadows. If you have many of the shades in the Vice LTD already but are worried about germs this might be a good way to refresh some of your collection. I personally don't worry too much about powder products, I know powders aren't a very happy home for bacteria trying to breed. (Cream products on the other hand, like lipgosses and mascara are paradise for bacteria!) If you wash your brushes regularly and sanitize your eyeshadows occasionally, I'm sure they will be fine for longer than the recommended "use by" dates. My rule of thumb is if texture, color or smell changes, that is when I would stop using it. Or if I had a reaction to something. But don't take my word for it, do what you are comfortable with and do your own research. I'm no expert on bacteria in makeup. I just thought it might be worth mentioning in case anyone was looking to update some old favorites with fresh product.

Well, I think I have successfully talked myself out of what would have been a $58 impulse purchase, what about you? Are you still hoping for the Vice LTD to come back into stock so you can purchase it? Are you planning to purchase the Vice 3 palette? Or will you be skipping both?

Thanks for taking a look! Have a beautiful day!