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Sephora Black Friday Deals!

(image from Sephora Pinterest page.)

The last couple of years Sephora has had some awesome sets available for $10 on Black Friday. I have been able to purchase some of my favorite products at amazing prices through these sets, including Buxom Lash Mascara, Buxom Full On Lip Sticks and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer. I have also purchased sets in the past with Bare Minerals, Lorac and Josie Maran. And they have always had so many other options that what I have purchased!

This year appears to be no different! Even after the initial preview left me disappointed a few days ago, the full reveal of Black Friday $10 deals on the Sephora Pinterest board has me all excited to do some online shopping! There are more sets available for $10 than in the last couple of years. Some great brands are featured again and there are sure to be some great values!

After browsing the Pinterest board and deciding what sets I might be interested in, I wanted to take a look at what the actual values of these sets are and check out some reviews on the Sephora website. As I post values, I will be basing that information off of the full size products. In a few of these photos, I was unable to determine the exact size of the products included so I estimate those based off the photo and photos of the full size and known samples of those products. I also wanted to try to figure out what shades are included in some of the sets with color cosmetics and find swatches if possible.

Lets take a look at the sets I am most excited about:

Living Proof: The Full Collection
Includes 1oz Full Shampoo, 1oz Full Conditioner, 0.8oz* Full Thickening Cream and 1oz Prime Style Extender (*As best as I can tell the Full Thickening Cream is 0.8oz but I can't see it very clearly in the photo.)
I am already a big fan of the Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream, so I am interested in this set to be able to try some other products from the brand. Based off the full size products, the shampoo and conditioner each have a value of $3. The Thickening Cream has a value of $5.62. The Prime Style Extender has a value of $4.
Estimated Total Value: $15.62

BUXOM Curtain Call Set
Includes Deluxe Sample of Sculpted Lash Mascara and Full Size Full On Lip Stick in Amsterdam (a rosy nude)
I have been using BUXOM mascaras for years now but haven't tried this newest Sculpted Lash version. I am already a big fan of the Lip Sticks too, so I will always make room for new colors! (See a swatch of Amsterdam on Flaunt Me!) The Lip Stick retails for $19. I am unsure of the size of the Sculpted Lash sample. I'll assume it is 0.2oz like a regular BUXOM Lash sample. The full size of Sculpted Lash is 0.33oz for $19, so I'm estimating this sample has a value of $11.52.
Estimated Total Value: $30.52

BUXOM Full On Lip Stick in Havana
Includes Full Size Full On Lip Stick in Havana (a deep violet)
I have several shades of the BUXOM Full On Lip Sticks and love them! This shade is not currently available on the Sephora website, so either it has been removed until Black Friday when it will reappear for $10 or perhaps the shade was discontinued and that's why it is available as a Black Friday deal. This is a full size product that retails for $19 at regular price. (See a swatch of Havana on Beauty Junkies Unite!)
Estimated Total Value: $19.00

Too Faced Better Than Sex Amazing Eyes Set
Includes 0.17oz sample of Better Than Sex Mascara in Carbon Black and 0.03oz sample of Perfect Eyes Eye Liner in Perfect Black. (I'm estimating sizes based on Too Faced holiday sets.)
I have not tried either of these products, but I love trying new mascaras and it never hurts to have an extra black eyeliner! The full size mascara is $23 and is 0.27oz, giving this sample a value of $14.48. The eye liner is 0.04 oz at $18 for the full size, giving this sample a value of $13.50.
Estimated Total Value: $27.98

bareMinerals Enchanting Eyes Set
Includes READY 2.0 Eyeshadow duo (appears to be full size) in The Flashback featuring Deja Vu (silver gleam) and Amnesia (charcoal smoke) and 0.05oz Prime Time Eyelid Primer. 
This duo is not currently available on the Sephora website, so again my guess is that it has either been removed until Black Friday or maybe the shade has been discontinued and thats why it is part of a Black Friday deal. It is still listed on the bareMinerals website. This appears to be a full size product, which would retail for $20. (Temptalia has swatches of The Flashback duo!) Based off the full size Prime Time, this sample is valued at $9.
Estimated Total Value: $29.00

Bliss Soapy Suds Bodywash+Bubbling Bath
Includes 16oz Soapy Suds Bodywash+Bubbling Bath (full size) available in four scents: Vanilla+Bergamot, Lemon+Sage, Blood Orange+White Pepper or Grapefruit+Aloe.
I have not tried this product, but when I saw the Vanilla+Bergamot scent I was immediately interested in giving it a shot! (Vanilla and Bergamot are two of my favorite scents!) I love the idea of this being a multi use product, as a shower gel or a bubble bath. And the pump makes it so convenient to use! I might even buy an extra bottle or two of these give as gifts this year. This is the full size product at 16oz, and it retails for $18.
Estimated Total Value: $18.00

Lorac Fan Favorites Duo
Includes single eyeshadow in Bronze (bronze with shimmer) and 3-in-1 Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Black. Both products appear to be full size.
These single eyeshadows are available on the Lorac website, but are currently $6 in the clearance section. (Original price was $19.) My guess is that these are being discontinued and that is why they are offered in this special set for Black Friday. According to the Lorac website, the eyeliner pencil is retractable and has an attached sharpener and smudger. It retails for $18.
Estimated Total Value: $24.00

Tarte Little Miracles Best Selling Essentials
Includes 0.23oz Pure Maracuja Oil, either a 0.1oz or 0.16oz Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara (I can't tell from the image) and a 0.07oz Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder.
The Maracuja Oil sample is worth $6.22. I am estimating the size of the Smooth Operator Finishing Powder based off sample sizes I found on Ebay. The value of a 0.07oz sample is $6.34. I am unable to determine the size of this Lights, Camera, Lashes! sample from this photo, and I have received 2 different sample sizes in the past. (Love this mascara by the way!) If it is 0.1oz, it is worth $7.92. If it is the larger sample at 0.16oz, it is worth $12.67.
Estimated Total Value: $20.48 - 25.23

**All product sizes and values listed in this blog post are estimated as best I can based on the photos from the Sephora Black Friday 2013 Pinterest Board and information about the products and known sample sizes that I found on the Sephora website, the websites of the brands mentioned and through Google. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of my estimated values and sizes of the products included in these sets, I could be wrong. These are my best guesses. All photos contained in this blog post are from the Sephora Pinterest page and are property of Sephora.**

There are a few skincare and body care deals I am eyeballing and planning to look into a little more. Also, I like the idea of the Art of Shaving kit as a gift. Here are the other sets I am interested in:

NOTE: I noticed when looking at the LaVanilla Healthy Deodorant on the Sephora website that the same size they offer here for $10 is only $8 right now on the website. The only difference is the scent, the $8 deodorant that is currently available is Vanilla, and the $10 deodorant available on Black Friday is Vanilla Grapefruit. Maybe this is a brand new scent and that explains the price difference? That doesn't make any sense to me, but I thought it was worth noting.

I personally can't wait to order at least a few of the makeup related items from Sephora's Black Friday sale this year! My next step is to look up some current coupon codes and see what kind of bonus samples I might be able to get with my order. Are you planning on purchasing any of these $10 deals from Sephora next week? Which ones look the most exciting to you? 

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