Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper Lip Color: Swatched!

I have three shades of Maybelline Color Whisper lip colors. As shown in the photo above, Oh La Lilac is a lavender color, Petal Rebel is a light but bright pink and Bare to be Bold is a nude shade.  I believe the first one I purchased was Petal Rebel at Target. It was totally an impulse purchase as I walked past the display on my way to the checkstand. I liked it, so I bought the other two during a BOGO 1/2 Off sale on Maybelline at my local Fred Meyer.

One thing I like about the packaging is that the color of the case matches the shade of lip color inside. It's fun and makes it easy to look into a drawer of lipsticks/glosses and grab the right one right away.

I have had all three of these since Spring and I like them quite a bit. They are great for days that I don't do full makeup, or just don't want to wear lipstick and gloss. These feel like a lip balm when you apply them, and last probably about the same as a lip balm but they give you a sheer color as well. The finish is slightly glossy (see swatches below) so it's sort of an all in one balm/tint/gloss. (Though personally, I still apply a regular lip balm first... I always do! Before any lip color of any kind!)

If I see them on sale again I might pick up a couple more colors, but I'm really happy with the three I have. (These tend to be my three most often picked colors for my lips anyway!) Based on the photos on Ulta's website I think Lust for Blush, Pin Up Peach, Mocha Muse, Coral Ambition, One Size Fits Pearl, Mad for Magenta, Cherry on Top and Faint for Fuschia all look interesting. I would be likely to try any of those.

Maybelline Color Whisper lip colors are widely available, I have found them at all the regular stores I go to that I know carry Maybelline. (Here is a link to purchase at Ulta.) They have a great selection of colors and are inexpensive. These are one of my favorite products for days that I'm feeling lip-lazy: just swipe one of these babies on, throw it in my purse for later reapplication as needed and go!

Do you have any Maybelling Color Whisper lip colors? What shades are your favorite or which are you most interested in trying?

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