Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Essie Luxeffects "Shine of the Times" Swatched!

Today I want to show you one of my favorite "effects" top coats for nail polish. This is Essie Luxe Effects in Shine of the Times. It is a pretty multicolored flaky glitter in a clear base. The glitter flakes shift to almost every color but it is predominantly a warmer, golden sparkle. It originally came out in a Holiday collection in 2011 and as far as I can tell it was limited edition or has been discontinued. However, since I recently found a bottle at Target (I purchased it! I'm so excited to have a backup bottle, I love it that much!) I thought I would share some photos.

Shots of the bottle and of the polish on my nails without any base coat or top coat. The nail swatches above are one thick coat of Shine of the Times.

Here are the polishes I picked to swatch it over and the swatches. (See? It looks awesome over any color!) Below are some photos of a swatch on a piece of computer paper. I held it at different angles to get photos trying to show all the different colors this polish can reflect. It is really hard to capture in a photo and I wasn't able to get a good picture of the reddish look it can have, but hopefully all these photos give you an idea of how awesome this is!
Unfortunately, that Target sighting was the first time I have seen it in stores since I bought it back when it came out, but hopefully if you are looking for it you luck out and find a bottle at a store near you! You can check to see if they have it at a Walmart near you here or  check out your local Target and maybe you'll get lucky like I did. I did see it on Amazon, but it is more than $10 a bottle. (However, that's kinda worth it! It's so unique!) 

There are also a few dupes, check out these swatches on Scrangie. Here are a few more dupes on Dysphoria Nails. Most of those were also limited edition but I'm sure more similar shades will pop up in the future. (If I hear of any, I will be sure to let you all know!) Best of luck to you if you look for this, I hope you are able to find a bottle! I wish they would rerelease it so more people can try it. Things this pretty shouldn't be limited edition or discontinued!

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