Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Bonne Bell!

Bonne Bell is one of the first cosmetics brands I remember having. I loved Lip Smackers lip balms as a kid and probably had about 10-15 flavors at one point. (Remember when it was Lip Smackers and not just Smackers?!) I got them for birthdays and Christmas. I had the keychains for them and carried them around on my backpack. I remember having a Dr. Pepper flavored one and it was my favorite for awhile. Later on my favorite flavor was Strawberry Kiwi. (I actually repurchased a Strawberry Kiwi Lip Smackers a couple of years ago... sadly it wasn't as amazing to me now as I remembered.) I used Lip Smackers lip balms all the way through at least my first couple of years of high school. While I don't have any of those old Lip Smackers to share with you for today's Throwback Thursday, I do have a couple other products from Bonne Bell that I used and loved through middle school and high school.

The lip liner is the oldest product I have here. (You may be able to tell that by the cracked, yellowed lid.) This was my first lip liner and I used it quite a bit. The branding on this lip liner has long been worn away, so I am not sure what the name of the color might have been. But I distinctly remember picking out the lip liner in front of the Bonne Bell display at the drugstore. I believe I even used my own money to purchase it, perhaps money from a birthday or Christmas card.

Lip Sparklers! My original lip gloss obsession. I used these throughout most of middle school and high school, going through many tubes over the years. These were my two favorite flavors, Raspberry Orbit and Vanilla Frosting. I'm not sure if these were the original names or not as the versions shown above were purchased probably 5 years ago. (Another product I repurchased for nostalgia and didn't love as much the second time around.) Vanilla Frosting sounds right but I think the raspberry one used to be called something different. (Through googling these, perhaps it was Raspberry Spritz?) I know I had a couple other flavors as well, a watermelon and a strawberry. They were so fun when I was younger and smell so delicious!

The lipLITES Stix in Cream Pop was a pretty random purchase for me. I loved the lipLITES lip glosses, having several flavors including Cream Pop, Cappuccino and Berry 'Nilla Creme. (I looooved Berry 'Nilla Creme! It has since been discontinued but I probably would have kept repurchasing that one!) Anyway, back to the Stix. Since I loved the glosses so much and Cream Pop was one of my favorites, when I saw the Stix, I decided to give it a try in Cream Pop as well. I figured I could layer it with the lip gloss. I never really cared for the Stix as much as the gloss and ended up barely using it. (As you can see, I don't think it was even ever resharpened.)

As far as the lipLITES lip glosses I mentioned, I don't have any of the old glosses anymore to share.  However, I do have a new Cappuccino sitting in my lipgloss drawer that I use sometimes and I still think these are pretty good glosses as an adult. I actually wouldn't be opposed to picking up another Cream Pop as well. I tried the Creme Brulee flavor recently and didn't care for the smell or sheerness of it. But overall, I still like the line of lipLITES lip glosses and I think they are a great drugstore lipgloss.

Smackers lip balms, Smackers Lip Sparklers and Bonne Bell lipLITES lip glosses are all still available in drugstores. I know near me, they can be found at Fred Meyer and Target as well as all the usual drugstores. I sometimes see a small display or two at Ulta. You can also find them on

What about you? Did you use any Bonne Bell products as a kid? Or now? What are or were your favorites? :)

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