Friday, July 12, 2013

Swatched! Wet n Wild Pop Art Trios for Summer 2013

After checking my local Fred Meyer for these for the last month, I finally found them this week! (They weren't officially supposed to hit stores until July, but I always feel like we get stuff really early in the Pacific Northwest at Fred Meyers, so I started checking really early.) One thing I love about Fred Meyer is that Wet n Wild is almost always on sale and the Limited Edition collections are usually included. I got these at BOGO 50% off. I love not paying full price!

There are 6 Color Icon Trios included in the Summer 2013 Pop Art Collection:

34164 Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up!
34165 A Regular at the Factory
34166 Hard Being the It Girl
34167 Three's A Party
34168 I'm Seeing Triples
34169 To Muse and Carouse

Here are some collages of packaging, close up shots and swatches for each. I tried to adjust the color to be as close as possible but they are a still little off. (I'm learning! haha!) I definitely need to work on my lighting for days like today where it is overcast and I have to rely on indoor lights. It would have been nice if the sun was out today so I could have some natural light! For the most part, colors in my photos below are a little more vibrant than in person.

All of my swatches are without a primer and swatched with my finger onto the back of my hand. The color payoff in most of the colors was good, a few were a little powdery in texture though. They seem to be mostly matte with a few satin finishes and only one had any shimmer. Check them out:

(click to enlarge!)

Overall, there are some really fun, bright colors here that are nice to have for a day I'm feeling more adventurous than normal. The one I am probably most excited to actually use is I'm Seeing Triples. I think the bright green, dark blue and plum colors are an interesting combination. I'm more of a collector of these Wet n Wild trios than someone who will actually use all of these frequently. At the inexpensive price, I can't help but buy all the Limited Edition colors of these Color Icon palettes that are released throughout the year. 

If you are looking for these and live in the Pacific Northwest, definitely check your local Fred Meyer! If not, I'm sure these will be out at a Rite Aid or maybe Walgreens near you soon. Best of luck on your hunt! 

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  1. Congrats on tracking these down! I've been stalking every Walgreens within driving distance for weeks, to no avail. Hopefully they'll turn up soon; the colors are so pretty and unique! :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! Good luck in your search, I know Nouveau Cheap has a sightings map. You might want to check that out and see if anyone in your area has seen them. :)


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