Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Revisiting My Glam Bags (Part 2)

This is part two of Revisiting My Glam Bags! This post will cover the bags I have received so far in 2013. To read about all the bags from 2012 (and the December 2011 bag) check out Part One!

**Note: all of the following photos are screenshots from my Glam Room while logged into 

January 2013:
I believe this was when I got the Nailtini in Bloody Mary, a red. I gave that away as I don't really (ever) wear red nail polish. I have used the Josie Maran Argan Oil a couple times... It's not really in my regular rotation but I'm looking for something to put in my hair and its the closest thing. (I have heard of tons of other uses for Argan oil besides hair though, so I may have to look more into those and try a few out.) I do like the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange body butter, it smells delish! And I love the hairspray. I don't use hairspray often so this little bottle is perfect and will last me a long time. It works well. The SOHO brush was kinda interesting. I never used it but I took it out of the package just to hold it and it felt weird in my hand. I didn't like the ergonomic shaped handle. So its currently back in the packaging in a bag of items that I need to either give away or find something else to do with.

Used: 3/5
Liked: 3/3

February 2013:
More Coastal Scents... I have only swatched them. Haven't tried to use them in a look yet. I have tried the Pixi primer, it was decent but I still have other primers I like better. I do still have this though, I'm sure I'll use it up. The Pop Beauty mascara is in that drawer of mascara samples I talked about in Part 1, I haven't tried it yet.  (Perhaps I should do a series of trying a new mascara sample each week for however many weeks it takes to get through that drawer? Haha!) I do like the Mica Beauty gel liner, I use that almost every day. And the Lash Cards. I haven't tried them, I don't know that I will... They just seem unnecessary. I don't seem to have a problem applying mascara without getting it everywhere.

Used: 2/5
Liked: 1/2

March 2013:
I think I have only swatched the Yaby eyeshadow. (If not then I haven't even touched it.) I haven't tried the Juice Beauty hydrating mist, but it sounds interesting. I need to take the time to figure out why I would want a product like that and how to use it. The mini GlamRX palette is cool I guess, at least it can hold the little Yaby eyeshadow... but I just don't see myself actually using it. I have palettes that I like for travel and I don't buy eyeshadows in the pan. (If I did it would probably be MAC and I would put them in a MAC palette.) I did use up the packet of La Fresh makeup remover wipes. I liked those actually, they seemed to work well.

Used: 1/4
Liked: 1/1

April 2013:
The Mica Beauty shade I got was "Earth." It's pretty but I haven't opened it yet. I saw no reason to open yet another eyeshadow until I maybe use up a couple. (Do people actually use up eyeshadows? haha!) Maybe I should give it away to someone who can use it. I also got the Sexy Hair Powder Play. My hair stylist raves about this stuff. I have tried it a few times and maybe just can't get the hang of what to do with it. Its interesting, so I want to keep trying to use it. I'll count it as a 'like.' I didn't like the color of the Sation nail polish I got, so I gave it away. And I still have the Be A Bombshell blush but I haven't used it. I did like the color, but it is really similar to one I already have and use all the time. So it's probably not necessary to keep it. (Why am I subscribed to Ipsy? Haha! It's like I enjoy paying to get things mailed to me to give away...)

Used: 1/4
Liked: 1/1

May 2013:
I have used the Yaby concealer a few times. It seems to work well and match my skin tone well, and I'm almost out of the concealer I've been using so I'm sure I'll use this one. I love Zoya nail polish! I got the shade Julie, a lovely lavender. It's a fun addition to my Zoya collection. I actually can't remember which of the Mirabella 'or' products I got. I think it was either the powder or the lip liner. I guess either way I obviously haven't used it yet since I can't even recall which it was. (lol!) I love the Juice Beauty gloss I got. I have used that a bunch of times already. And I have used the St. Tropez bronze lotion a couple of times. It seems to work well and I haven't noticed it rubbing off on my clothes. I think I'm in Like. :)

Used: 4/5
Liked: 4/4

June 2013:
This last bag wasn't my one of my favorites. As I mentioned in my post about it earlier this week, I actually haven't opened anything from it yet. I will likely try out the Starlooks lip liner and I know I'll try the NYX blush. Other than that, I'm not really interested in the rest of the items. The J.Cat glitter palette feels a little young to me, I'm sure I'll give that away. The Cailyn gel liner will probably get given away as well since I pretty much only use black liner and it's purple. (And I think the packaging is wacky.) I'll probably hang onto the J.Cat lashes. I'm sure they will live in my little false lash drawer until they eventually get used.

Used: 0/5
Liked: ?? (I'm sure I'll like the NYX blush, I already have and like several other shades of it.) 


Adding up all the numbers of products received, used and liked for all 19 bags gives me the following:

Products Received: 92
Products Used: 50
Products Liked: 30 

Looking back at all these Glam Bags has been interesting. Unfortunately, I'm using less items that I thought from them. I am using several of the bags for various things, and I didn't factor that in because I kind of think of them as a bonus. I am paying for the subscription for the products, not for the bags. While I have used over half of the products I have received in my Glam Bags, I have only liked about a third of the total products I have received. I have paid $10 a month for 19 months to receive these bags, totaling $190. (When you look at it that way, ouch!) I have given so many items away, so its like I'm just giving away money. I can think of many products I could have purchased with the $190 that I know I'd love.

So is Ipsy worth it? 
For me, I'm thinking no, it's not. It is fun to get a surprise in the mail every month. It is fun to sample new products and brands. I'm so torn because I have really loved some of the samples I got from my Glam Bags. But when I'm only liking a third of the samples I'm receiving, I'm not sure its worth the subscription. I think perhaps for someone who doesn't already have a lot of makeup and is looking to discover some new products, Ipsy could totally be worth it. I am looking forward to the July Glam Bag, but I just don't know if it is worth it for me to continue to subscribe after that. At this point, I think I'm going to plan on canceling after July.

Now you know what I think of the samples I have received, But what about the bags? :)


  1. Wow, thank you for the very interesting look back at the usefulness of the glam bags... I feel like I have a lot of unused products from my monthlies, but I also feel like most of them I will use (eventually), once my blush etc. needs replaced. Maybe the trick is to get on a swap routine to feel like items/money aren't being wasted. I know sometimes even just one item is worth the price of the bag. Thank you for rounding everything up; we seem to have received all of the same bags).

    1. Thanks Brandi! You bring up a good point, that often there is even just one item in the bag that is worth the cost. And swapping products out could be a good idea, I think part of my problem is that I already have a lot of products in rotation and end up using the same few most of the time. Its like, I want to try everything! But I still only end up regularly using a few items! haha! :)


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