Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Thoughts on Ipsy: The Bags!

Lets consider this Part 3 of my revisiting of Glam Bags past. In Part 1 and Part 2, I commented on which products from each bag I have tried, liked or just given away. However, I didn't factor in the actual bags when trying to answer the question of whether or not Ispy is worth it. I think getting a useable cosmetic bag each month is a nice bonus to the samples you get from Ipsy. I do have some opinions on these bags and I use several of them for different things. I'll cover that here.

Reusing the bags:
What kinds of things do I use the bags for? All sorts! I use one to keep the battery charger, cables and card reader for my camera all together. I use another one for jewelry when traveling. If I want to throw a couple of makeup items in my purse, I will use one of these small bags to keep it together. When I go on vacation, I use one to hold things like bandaids, advil, vitamins, etc. I keep feminine hygiene products in one in my purse. They are a great size to fit your base coat, top coat and a couple bottles of nail polish in if you need to paint your nails somewhere other than home. (I always put polishes in a baggie first though, just in case!) The mesh ones are great for taking toiletries (like mini shampoo, shower gels, etc.) to the gym or anywhere away from home you might need those items.

If you don't want to keep them all (and if you are subscribed for awhile you might not want to because you will end up with a lot!) you could always use one to give a gift in. It would make nice wrapping for a gift card even, and is a little more fun than a simple envelope.

Favorites and Un-Favorites:
The bags I like the most are probably the two mesh ones from July & August 2012, and the dark blue one from Jan 2013. The mesh ones are fun and seem durable, and I like the colors. I love the shape of the blue Jan 13 bag, this is actually the one I use to put jewelry in when I travel. I really liked the print on the March 2012 bag with the fun tropical flowers. I also love the pattern on the May 2013 one. I use that multicolored zig zag bag for my camera accessories. I liked the shape of the December 2012 bag, it was a nice change compared to most of the bags being the same approximate size and shape.

My least favorite bag has to be the September 2012 wristlet or the June 2012 glitter bag. The first time I tried to use the wristlet, the strap broke! I ended up tying it in a knot to make it through the rest of the night. That was disappointing because I loved the idea of a wristlet but this one wasn't very sturdy. And that glitter bag! It was terrible! The glitter came off everywhere and it wasn't sewn very well. Mine was kinda crooked. It's not a bag I can or will ever use for anything. If I didn't already throw it out, that needs to happen. I wasn't crazy about the December 2011 bag (even though the attached mirror seems like a cool idea) or the boring brown November 2012 bag.

Overall, some bags are more fun than others. There are some fun prints and shiny fabrics, and some that are more plain. Some I have found ways to keep using and some are sitting in my room waiting to be reused. As I mentioned, I kinda think of the bags as a bonus since I subscribed for the samples. So if it's a good bag than I'm happy and if I don't care as much for the bag, it's not really a big deal.

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**Note: The photos of the bags above are from my screenshots of my Glam Room when logged into

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