Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Michael Kors Island Very Bali

This perfume came out right before Christmas 2011. I actually received my first bottle as a Christmas gift that year. I have absolutely loved this fragrance since. It is definitely more of a summer fragrance for me, but I do wear it on occasion in winter as well. 

As described on the Michael Kors website, this fragrance is a blend of rose petals, jasmine and hints of earthy pample wood. They call it Radiant, Soft and Sexy. I have to agree that it is a soft yet very summer sexy scent. It isn't that typical musky type sexy scent, it's lighter and more floral. 

From Fragrantica.com, the notes in this perfume are as follows: jasmine, sea water, woodsy notes, musk and rose. I can definitely pick up the jasmine. (I love jasmine so I'm not surprised to see its in one of my favorite perfumes.) I can smell the sea water and woodsy notes as well. I would describe it as having that fresh, watery scent with a hint of that woodsy smell. I don't really smell the musk or rose too much, but that could just be how it smells on me. 

I actually often layer this perfume with the Jennifer Aniston fragrance. Jennifer Aniston smells like sunscreen and the beach to me, so by layering I get a sexy floral beachy scent. I wrote about the Jennifer Aniston fragrance awhile back when I first got a sample of it. I love both fragrances alone and I love them together.

Unfortunately, since this fragrance came out a year and a half ago and was limited edition, it is probably going to be hard to find at this point if you are looking for it. I know that they carry it at the Cosmetic Company Store (CCO) near me, and that is where I have repurchased it since using up my first bottle. I actually have purchased an extra backup bottle and might even purchase one more in case they stop carrying it at the CCO soon. (I love it THAT much!!) So if you like these soft, sexy summer scents, definitely keep an eye out at your local CCO next time you stop in!

Good luck if you're looking for it! :)

(So I just noticed I already wrote about this perfume back in April. Haha! You know you love a product when you write up a similar post raving about it twice without even realizing it! I was so excited to talk about it that I somehow forgot I already did... If you want to read my first review of this perfume, click here. I'm going to go ahead and keep both posts up.)

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