Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Limited Edition Birchbox for CEW Boxes!

Birchbox has teamed up with CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) to create two limited edition boxes featuring finalists and winners from the 2013 CEW Beauty Awards. One box is called "Prestige Headliners" and is full of high end product samples. The other is called "Mass Appeal" and contains full size and samples of drugstore products. The prestige box is $18 and the drugstore box is $12. (The drugstore box is sadly now sold out, but the prestige box is still available on the Birchbox website!)

Here is a look inside both boxes:

Birchbox Love! Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle

The Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave-In Conditioner is a Birchbox exclusive product. I believe I received this in my May Birchbox. I have been using it often, though not every day, and I am almost finished with this sample size. I have to say, I love this stuff. Mostly, I love the way it makes my hair smell.

Monday, July 29, 2013

My picks from MAC Nudes & Metallics: Swatched!

When I originally saw this collection on Temptalia, it was back in April. This collection wasn't available online until this month. I had kinda forgotten about it, but happened to be on the MAC website and noticed it was now available to anyone. (It was PRO only originally.) I quickly checked out Christine's swatches on Temptalia (See them here: Lipsticks Part 1 and Part 2, Eyeshadows Part 1 and Part 2) and picked out a couple of colors I thought I would like.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Revlon Edition!

(Cue big echo-y voice:) It's time for another edition of Throwback Thursday!

Today I'm taking a look at a few past favorites from Revlon. I have a ColorStay 12 Hour Eyeshadow quad in Sandstorm, a Super Lustrous Lipstick in Softsilver Rose and an Illuminence Cream Shadow quad in PrisMagics. All of these were purchased and used by me in the late 90's to early/mid 2000's. (I just did the math in my head... holy crap. The 90's keep getting farther away... haha!)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NOTD: Stamping and Pixie Dust

Yesterday I mentioned on my Facebook Page that I painted my nails with Color Club Mod in Manhattan, part of the Wanderlust collection from Birchbox.*  Lately I've been really boring myself with my solid color manis, so I decided this morning to add some nail art to this one. I pulled out my Bundle Monster nail stamps, some Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes for stamping/dotting and Zoya Pixie Dust in Godiva. This is what I came up with.  
*Disclosure: Birchbox link is a referral link. If you sign up through my link, I get points for referring you. 
(If you do, thank you!)

Michael Kors Island Very Bali

This perfume came out right before Christmas 2011. I actually received my first bottle as a Christmas gift that year. I have absolutely loved this fragrance since. It is definitely more of a summer fragrance for me, but I do wear it on occasion in winter as well. 

As described on the Michael Kors website, this fragrance is a blend of rose petals, jasmine and hints of earthy pample wood. They call it Radiant, Soft and Sexy. I have to agree that it is a soft yet very summer sexy scent. It isn't that typical musky type sexy scent, it's lighter and more floral. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Bonne Bell!

Bonne Bell is one of the first cosmetics brands I remember having. I loved Lip Smackers lip balms as a kid and probably had about 10-15 flavors at one point. (Remember when it was Lip Smackers and not just Smackers?!) I got them for birthdays and Christmas. I had the keychains for them and carried them around on my backpack. I remember having a Dr. Pepper flavored one and it was my favorite for awhile. Later on my favorite flavor was Strawberry Kiwi. (I actually repurchased a Strawberry Kiwi Lip Smackers a couple of years ago... sadly it wasn't as amazing to me now as I remembered.) I used Lip Smackers lip balms all the way through at least my first couple of years of high school. While I don't have any of those old Lip Smackers to share with you for today's Throwback Thursday, I do have a couple other products from Bonne Bell that I used and loved through middle school and high school.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Swatched! Wet n Wild Pop Art Trios for Summer 2013

After checking my local Fred Meyer for these for the last month, I finally found them this week! (They weren't officially supposed to hit stores until July, but I always feel like we get stuff really early in the Pacific Northwest at Fred Meyers, so I started checking really early.) One thing I love about Fred Meyer is that Wet n Wild is almost always on sale and the Limited Edition collections are usually included. I got these at BOGO 50% off. I love not paying full price!

There are 6 Color Icon Trios included in the Summer 2013 Pop Art Collection:

34164 Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up!
34165 A Regular at the Factory
34166 Hard Being the It Girl
34167 Three's A Party
34168 I'm Seeing Triples
34169 To Muse and Carouse

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My First Glossybox! June 2013

This is sort of just a first look at my June 2013 Glossybox, as I have not yet had the opportunity to try anything. I received the box a little late, on July 3rd. I hung onto it for about a week thinking I would try to do an unboxing video, but at this point with July subscription boxes likely on the way I figured I would just share some quick photos. When I actually get around to testing out the products I will let you know what I think.

I do love the packaging of Glossybox. The actual box is really sturdy, and this month's has a cute fashion illustration from Dallas Shaw on the top. The inside of the box is printed with the Glossybox logo. I liked opening it to find everything wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a ribbon. It felt like opening a gift.

Everything inside the Glossybox is either full size or a generous sample size. Mine came with a full size Tarte complexion brightening lipstick in fair-to-light, a full size Spa Ritual nail laquer in Days of Wine and Roses, a 2oz sample bottle of Philip B. African Shea Butter shampoo, a 2oz sample of c.Booth Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist and a dark blue satin pouch from Oscar de la Renta filled with sample vials of all six of his Essential Luxuries fragrances. I also received a Model Co. eyeshadow duo as a bonus. (I got this bonus using a coupon code when I subscribed.)

One thing about Glossybox that I like is that it seems like everyone gets the same items. I looked and couldn't find any box variations other than shades of products. (Ex. Not everyone got the same shade of lipstick and nail polish as I did.) There doesn't seem to be any "or" items like Ipsy and there aren't 50+ variations of boxes like Birchbox. I think this is good because there is no "box envy" where you see someone get an awesome selection of products in their box and open your own to find you got products you don't like as much.

As far as my first impression, I am happy with the size of the products I got and I like the packaging of the box itself. I am most excited to try out the Tarte lipstick and Spa Ritual polish. I will definitely try the Philip B. shampoo, probably soon. I'll have to research what to do with that c.Booth Honey Almond oil, but it sounds interesting so I am looking forward to trying it out. I think I can already tell that I probably won't care for at least some of the Oscar de la Renta perfume samples, simply because the box kinda smells like perfume now and there is something in that smell I'm not the biggest fan of. But it could just be that they're all mixing. I'll have to look up the fragrance notes of each and determine which ones I might like to try first from there. And of course, a girl can never have too much eyeshadow right? So I am looking forward to testing out the Model Co. eyeshadow duo.

Originally, I was only going to subscribe for the month of June, as sort of a birthday present to myself. At least thats what I told myself. But after taking a look back at my Ipsy Glam Bags (Part 1 and Part 2) I am thinking of canceling that subscription instead. And I'm still on the fence with Birchbox, so I am planning on taking a look back at my past Birchbox boxes as well to see how much I'm using from those. Perhaps I'll cancel the Ipsy and Birchbox to keep the Glossybox? We shall see... I'm getting all three for July and I think I'll decide from there.

What are your thoughts on subscription boxes? Do you subscribe to any of the three I mentioned? Which is your favorite? Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Target Beauty Box Spring 2013

Remember back in April when Target offered a beauty box for $5 through their Target Style Facebook page? Of course I jumped at the opportunity, assuming it might be like the free sample beauty bags they used to send out. Well it came in mid June and I think it is even better than the freebie bags. Take a look inside:

The Target Beauty Box included a Gillette Venus & Olay razor handle, cartridge and shower hook. The razor handle is shimmery pink and "Sugarberry" scented. (What's not to love about that?) I already use and love the Venus razors and get the giant refill packs at Costco. Since I get the refill packs at Costco they don't usually come with an extra handle, and every so often those need to be replaced too. It's nice to have a spare now so I can switch it out with my current razor handle when I'm ready for a fresh, new one.

Also included in the box was a set of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips. I got 001 Queen Cobra, which is a shimmery gold and brown snake print. I have not tried any brand of nail polish strips yet so I am excited to give these a shot. I did open one package to look at the sizes it included (there are 8 different sizes for each hand) and noticed it does smell strongly of nail polish. I figure I can try out a full set of them and then maybe use the leftover strips as accent nails or something.

There was a really generous 2 oz sample of Fekkai Glossing Cream as well. I have not yet tried it but it smells great and I am looking forward to using it. I just finished the Davines conditioner and hair oil sample packets that came in my June Birchbox, so maybe I will start using this in combination with the rest of my sample bottle of the Davines shampoo. It's definitely in line to get tested soon!

There was a packet of La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo. This is a dual action acne treatment. I have not used it yet but am definitely interested in trying it.

The last sample was a packet of L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. This I did use already, the packet was enough for one application. It came out of the packet as an off white cream with speckles of skin tone color in it, and as you apply it everything blends together to match your skin tone. (Just like magic! lol!)  I actually used it on a day I didn't really feel like applying much makeup. I saw this packet sitting there and decided to use it instead. It was alright, I'm not running out to buy it or anything. It seemed to match my skin pretty well but applied pretty sheer.

All in all, for the $5 price tag and free shipping the Target Beauty Box is a steal! I hope they do more or even create a subscription service out of it. I'd definitely pay $5 a month for more boxes like these.

My Thoughts on Ipsy: The Bags!

Lets consider this Part 3 of my revisiting of Glam Bags past. In Part 1 and Part 2, I commented on which products from each bag I have tried, liked or just given away. However, I didn't factor in the actual bags when trying to answer the question of whether or not Ispy is worth it. I think getting a useable cosmetic bag each month is a nice bonus to the samples you get from Ipsy. I do have some opinions on these bags and I use several of them for different things. I'll cover that here.

Reusing the bags:
What kinds of things do I use the bags for? All sorts! I use one to keep the battery charger, cables and card reader for my camera all together. I use another one for jewelry when traveling. If I want to throw a couple of makeup items in my purse, I will use one of these small bags to keep it together. When I go on vacation, I use one to hold things like bandaids, advil, vitamins, etc. I keep feminine hygiene products in one in my purse. They are a great size to fit your base coat, top coat and a couple bottles of nail polish in if you need to paint your nails somewhere other than home. (I always put polishes in a baggie first though, just in case!) The mesh ones are great for taking toiletries (like mini shampoo, shower gels, etc.) to the gym or anywhere away from home you might need those items.

If you don't want to keep them all (and if you are subscribed for awhile you might not want to because you will end up with a lot!) you could always use one to give a gift in. It would make nice wrapping for a gift card even, and is a little more fun than a simple envelope.

Favorites and Un-Favorites:
The bags I like the most are probably the two mesh ones from July & August 2012, and the dark blue one from Jan 2013. The mesh ones are fun and seem durable, and I like the colors. I love the shape of the blue Jan 13 bag, this is actually the one I use to put jewelry in when I travel. I really liked the print on the March 2012 bag with the fun tropical flowers. I also love the pattern on the May 2013 one. I use that multicolored zig zag bag for my camera accessories. I liked the shape of the December 2012 bag, it was a nice change compared to most of the bags being the same approximate size and shape.

My least favorite bag has to be the September 2012 wristlet or the June 2012 glitter bag. The first time I tried to use the wristlet, the strap broke! I ended up tying it in a knot to make it through the rest of the night. That was disappointing because I loved the idea of a wristlet but this one wasn't very sturdy. And that glitter bag! It was terrible! The glitter came off everywhere and it wasn't sewn very well. Mine was kinda crooked. It's not a bag I can or will ever use for anything. If I didn't already throw it out, that needs to happen. I wasn't crazy about the December 2011 bag (even though the attached mirror seems like a cool idea) or the boring brown November 2012 bag.

Overall, some bags are more fun than others. There are some fun prints and shiny fabrics, and some that are more plain. Some I have found ways to keep using and some are sitting in my room waiting to be reused. As I mentioned, I kinda think of the bags as a bonus since I subscribed for the samples. So if it's a good bag than I'm happy and if I don't care as much for the bag, it's not really a big deal.

Thinking of joining Ipsy? Use my referral link if you would like! Thank you! :)

**Note: The photos of the bags above are from my screenshots of my Glam Room when logged into ipsy.com.

Revisiting My Glam Bags (Part 2)

This is part two of Revisiting My Glam Bags! This post will cover the bags I have received so far in 2013. To read about all the bags from 2012 (and the December 2011 bag) check out Part One!

**Note: all of the following photos are screenshots from my Glam Room while logged into Ipsy.com. 

January 2013:
I believe this was when I got the Nailtini in Bloody Mary, a red. I gave that away as I don't really (ever) wear red nail polish. I have used the Josie Maran Argan Oil a couple times... It's not really in my regular rotation but I'm looking for something to put in my hair and its the closest thing. (I have heard of tons of other uses for Argan oil besides hair though, so I may have to look more into those and try a few out.) I do like the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange body butter, it smells delish! And I love the hairspray. I don't use hairspray often so this little bottle is perfect and will last me a long time. It works well. The SOHO brush was kinda interesting. I never used it but I took it out of the package just to hold it and it felt weird in my hand. I didn't like the ergonomic shaped handle. So its currently back in the packaging in a bag of items that I need to either give away or find something else to do with.

Used: 3/5
Liked: 3/3

February 2013:
More Coastal Scents... I have only swatched them. Haven't tried to use them in a look yet. I have tried the Pixi primer, it was decent but I still have other primers I like better. I do still have this though, I'm sure I'll use it up. The Pop Beauty mascara is in that drawer of mascara samples I talked about in Part 1, I haven't tried it yet.  (Perhaps I should do a series of trying a new mascara sample each week for however many weeks it takes to get through that drawer? Haha!) I do like the Mica Beauty gel liner, I use that almost every day. And the Lash Cards. I haven't tried them, I don't know that I will... They just seem unnecessary. I don't seem to have a problem applying mascara without getting it everywhere.

Used: 2/5
Liked: 1/2

March 2013:
I think I have only swatched the Yaby eyeshadow. (If not then I haven't even touched it.) I haven't tried the Juice Beauty hydrating mist, but it sounds interesting. I need to take the time to figure out why I would want a product like that and how to use it. The mini GlamRX palette is cool I guess, at least it can hold the little Yaby eyeshadow... but I just don't see myself actually using it. I have palettes that I like for travel and I don't buy eyeshadows in the pan. (If I did it would probably be MAC and I would put them in a MAC palette.) I did use up the packet of La Fresh makeup remover wipes. I liked those actually, they seemed to work well.

Used: 1/4
Liked: 1/1

April 2013:
The Mica Beauty shade I got was "Earth." It's pretty but I haven't opened it yet. I saw no reason to open yet another eyeshadow until I maybe use up a couple. (Do people actually use up eyeshadows? haha!) Maybe I should give it away to someone who can use it. I also got the Sexy Hair Powder Play. My hair stylist raves about this stuff. I have tried it a few times and maybe just can't get the hang of what to do with it. Its interesting, so I want to keep trying to use it. I'll count it as a 'like.' I didn't like the color of the Sation nail polish I got, so I gave it away. And I still have the Be A Bombshell blush but I haven't used it. I did like the color, but it is really similar to one I already have and use all the time. So it's probably not necessary to keep it. (Why am I subscribed to Ipsy? Haha! It's like I enjoy paying to get things mailed to me to give away...)

Used: 1/4
Liked: 1/1

May 2013:
I have used the Yaby concealer a few times. It seems to work well and match my skin tone well, and I'm almost out of the concealer I've been using so I'm sure I'll use this one. I love Zoya nail polish! I got the shade Julie, a lovely lavender. It's a fun addition to my Zoya collection. I actually can't remember which of the Mirabella 'or' products I got. I think it was either the powder or the lip liner. I guess either way I obviously haven't used it yet since I can't even recall which it was. (lol!) I love the Juice Beauty gloss I got. I have used that a bunch of times already. And I have used the St. Tropez bronze lotion a couple of times. It seems to work well and I haven't noticed it rubbing off on my clothes. I think I'm in Like. :)

Used: 4/5
Liked: 4/4

June 2013:
This last bag wasn't my one of my favorites. As I mentioned in my post about it earlier this week, I actually haven't opened anything from it yet. I will likely try out the Starlooks lip liner and I know I'll try the NYX blush. Other than that, I'm not really interested in the rest of the items. The J.Cat glitter palette feels a little young to me, I'm sure I'll give that away. The Cailyn gel liner will probably get given away as well since I pretty much only use black liner and it's purple. (And I think the packaging is wacky.) I'll probably hang onto the J.Cat lashes. I'm sure they will live in my little false lash drawer until they eventually get used.

Used: 0/5
Liked: ?? (I'm sure I'll like the NYX blush, I already have and like several other shades of it.) 


Adding up all the numbers of products received, used and liked for all 19 bags gives me the following:

Products Received: 92
Products Used: 50
Products Liked: 30 

Looking back at all these Glam Bags has been interesting. Unfortunately, I'm using less items that I thought from them. I am using several of the bags for various things, and I didn't factor that in because I kind of think of them as a bonus. I am paying for the subscription for the products, not for the bags. While I have used over half of the products I have received in my Glam Bags, I have only liked about a third of the total products I have received. I have paid $10 a month for 19 months to receive these bags, totaling $190. (When you look at it that way, ouch!) I have given so many items away, so its like I'm just giving away money. I can think of many products I could have purchased with the $190 that I know I'd love.

So is Ipsy worth it? 
For me, I'm thinking no, it's not. It is fun to get a surprise in the mail every month. It is fun to sample new products and brands. I'm so torn because I have really loved some of the samples I got from my Glam Bags. But when I'm only liking a third of the samples I'm receiving, I'm not sure its worth the subscription. I think perhaps for someone who doesn't already have a lot of makeup and is looking to discover some new products, Ipsy could totally be worth it. I am looking forward to the July Glam Bag, but I just don't know if it is worth it for me to continue to subscribe after that. At this point, I think I'm going to plan on canceling after July.

Now you know what I think of the samples I have received, But what about the bags? :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Revisiting My Glam Bags (Part 1)

Zadidoll brought up an interesting topic today, is Ipsy worth the $10 a month? She referenced a forum thread on Makeup Talk where a gal was wondering if Ipsy is worth it. This got me thinking about my past Glam Bags. Of all the products I have received since the first Glam Bag back in December 2011, how many have I used, how many have I actually purchased a full size of and how many have I given away or just never tried?

I did start taking a look back at past Glam Bags awhile ago on my blog, you can read those posts here:
Looking Back: My December Glam Bag (2011)
Looking Back: My January Glam Bag (2012)

This time around, I'm not going to do a separate post for each. I'm just going to take a quick look at what I have received in each back and comment on what I have used, liked, didn't like or didn't use. I have been subscribed since they began as MyGlam, and the first bag was sent out in December 2011. Between now and then I have received 19 Glam Bags. (Once monthly since 12/2011.) Here is what I have received in my bags:

**Note: all of the following photos are screenshots from my Glam Room while logged into Ipsy.com. 

December 2011: 
The first MyGlam bag! I used everything in this bag. I loved the Urban Decay products and the Tarte mascara. I didn't care for the NYX lipgloss that much and ended up giving it away. The Mai Couture blush papers were just strange I thought. If I remember correctly, I just don't think they were overly effective.

Used: 5/5
Liked: 3/5

January 2012:
This still might be my least favorite bag ever. I used the Freeman cucumber mask once and ended up throwing it out when I moved awhile back. I didn't care for the Wen and ended up giving the rest away. I gave away the theBalm polish (the shade I got was so sheer it took like 5 coats to be opaque. I'm not into sheer polish.) I think I still have the Sheer Cover concealer kicking around somewhere, but I believe I stopped using it because at the time I thought it was making me break out.

Used: 4/4
Liked: 0/4

February 2012:
So in this bag, I actually ended up with two of the NYX rollerball shadows and didn't get the masks at all. I was okay with that based on how little I cared for the mask in the January bag. I haven't used the Dead Sea Premier yet, though it is sitting in a little basket of skincare samples I have been meaning to try. I haven't really used the X Out either, just swatched it to see what it did. I have only used the NYX once or twice. (Rollerballs really aren't my favorite application for anything, except maybe perfume.) I also never used the NuMe credit. (I am counting this as 4 items since I got two of one item instead of one of each of the 5 that was supposed to be included in the bag.)

Used: 2/4
Liked: 0/2

March 2012:
Of the "Dermstore Care Package" I tried both samples. I didn't use the gift card. I never used the KeraColor hair treatment. I ocassionally use the MyGlam crease brush, but it is not my favorite. I do not like or use the case. I did use the Pur-lisse lip nourisher when I first got it and it was decent. I haven't used it in awhile though. Even of the items I have used from this bag, I don't continue to use any of them and I haven't repurchased. (I am counting this bag as having 7 items - 2  samples and GC from Dermstore, KeraColor, Myglam Brush & Bag and the Pur-lisse.)

Used: 5/7
Liked: 0/5

April 2012:
I always like my Urban Decay and their pencils are no exception. I do actually use both of these MyGlam brushes. Again, with the lip treatment I used it at first when I got it and it was decent, but I haven't used it in awhile. The lashes currently sit in a drawer with my other fake lashes, I haven't used them yet.

Used: 4/5
Liked: 3/4

May 2012:
I did like the Philosophy fragrance, though I don't think I used it up. (I think I accidentally lost the rest of the little sample actually.) I gave away the lipstick as it wasn't a color I would use. I have the nail bling in a drawer with other nail decorating products but have yet to try them. And these two MyGlam brushes... I still have them but I haven't found a use for them yet.

Used: 1/5
Liked: 1/1

June 2012:
I love NYX lipsticks, but I actually already had the color they sent me. I don't recall now if I kept that as a backup or passed it on to a friend. (I'll count that as a used and liked though, because if I hadn't already had the color I would have used and liked it!) The Philosophy gel moisturizer was really interesting and I liked the way it felt. I did look into purchasing a full size of it but decided to wait and use up some other moisturizer samples first. I absolutely love the Living Proof styling cream. I used up the sample and went out and bought the biggest bottle of it they had. (That would be the first product I actually repurchased after trying it from Ipsy!) I liked the Marbella eyeliner pen when I first tried it but soon discovered that it lacked staying power, especially when exposed to moisture! Application was great though. (If only it had been waterproof!)

Used: 4/4
Liked: 3/4

July 2012:
I haven't used the NuMe conditioner yet, though it is sitting in a basket of hair product samples to try. (You know you have too many samples when.... you have them sorted by type into baskets! lol!) The Juice Beauty moisturizer was nice but I feel like their products always have kind of a strong smell. I  didn't like it enough to go out and buy it. The Yes To Cucumbers towelettes smelled nice and seemed to remove my makeup okay, but I thought they were kinda drying. I swatched the Josie Maran lipstain but haven't actually tried it yet. (I'm more of a lipstick and gloss kinda girl.) I did keep the Orange shade of the Circus nail polish but only because I thought the color was unique. I haven't tried it yet.

Used: 2/5
Liked: 0/2

August 2012:
I liked the smell of the Demeter Roll On Perfume I received (I want to say it was Dragonfruit?) but not to wear. It would probably have made a better candle scent for me. The S.A.L.T.Y. Cosmetics eyeshadow was a fun shimmery color and I have kept that around to use occasionally. The Eclos skincare products are in the aforementioned basket of samples I have been meaning to try. I believe this time the Circus polish I got was a bright yellow and I gave it away.

Used: 2/5
Liked: 1/2

September 2012:
I have the Soho brush on my vanity and use it occasionally but it isn't my favorite. I have not tried the Carol's Daughter Split End Sealer yet (though I should because my hair is getting some split ends at this point! Or maybe I just need a haircut...) It is currently living in that basket of hair products to try. I tried the Jane gloss a couple times and already have so many other glosses I love so I gave it away. I have the Mirabella eyecolor in the package still, I haven't touched it. I'll probably give it away. I got the Purple shade of the Circus nail color this time and again kept it because it was a unique color but I have not yet used it.

Used: 2/5
Liked: 1/2

October 2012:
I actually use the Couture Colour Pequi Oil and I like it. It smells really nice. I haven't used up my sample yet but it is in rotation with a couple other hair oils and products I use. I have only swatched the Coastal Scents eyeshadows, I haven't actually tried applying them on my eyelids yet. I did not like the shade of the Mirenesse glossy lacquer stain I got so I gave it away. I have not tried the Be A Bombshell liner yet, partly because I'm afraid it will run if I sweat or cry or get wet like the Marbella liner did. I have the theBalm mascara in a drawer full of mascara samples that I pull from every so often to try. However I have not tried this one yet, but I do love mascara samples.

Used: 1/5
Liked: 1/1

November 2012:
I love the packaging on the theBalm eyeshadow sample, though I still have not tried it out. (I have so much eyeshadow it's incredible. I'm trying not to start using many new ones until I get through some of the product I'm already using, but we will see how that goes. lol!) The Starlet liner I got came in a dark brown color, which I don't use often. I am also usually a bigger fan of twist up pencils rather than the kind that must be sharpened. I am pretty sure I gave this away. I love the Nailtini glitter polish I received! I think I only used it once as an accent nail so far but I'm sure I will find more ways to use it. I absolutely love the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipgloss, I got the shade Daredevil which is shown in the photo. I love it and it did make me want to go buy more shades of this gloss. (I figure I'll wait until the holidays when they will likely have value sets!) I finally tried out the Chella eyebrow gel the other day when I misplaced my normal one. It's okay... I used it by itself and it seemed to work fine. I think it would work great over pencil or powder too. It's nice to have a clear gel on hand, as my usual one it tinted.

Used: 3/5
Liked: 3/3

December 2012:
I love the NYX Loose Pearl shadows, I had a bunch already. Great product. Again, I love my Urban Decay. (They're pretty much the only liner pencils I'll use that don't twist up.) Mai Couture again... I'm still just not sure what to think about paper blush and highlighter... it's just a weird concept. I have not tried this version yet though for some reason I hung onto it just in case I did want to try it. The Mirabella primer was alright. I have definitely used several other primers I prefer to this one thought. The shade of Be A Bombshell gloss I got wasn't a color I will use so I gave it away.

Used: 3/5
Liked: 2/3

To Be Continued in Part 2....  and find out what I think of the bags!

Monday, July 8, 2013

My June Glam Bag & Birchbox

Another "better late than never" post today, here is what I received in my June Ipsy Glam Bag and Birchbox. I haven't tried that many products from these yet but I will share my thoughts on those I have tried. I'm hoping to actually make the time to film an unboxing video when I get my July Glam Bag and Birchbox, but we will see! (Usually I am too impatient and open it almost right away.... haha!)

My June 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag:
I actually haven't even opened anything from this Glam Bag yet, but the two products I am most looking forward to trying are the NYX blush and the StarLooks lip pencil. I'm not overly excited about the glitter palette from J.Cat, though I guess maybe I'll give it a shot. The J.Cat eyelashes will just go in my lash drawer and I'll probably eventually use them. I don't wear false lashes often, but they are handy to have for those occastions where I do really want to amp up my look. Lastly, there is the Cailyn gel liner in a purple color. I love gel liners but I just don't really do colorful liner. I am also not a fan of the packaging, it is kinda bulky with the attached brush on top of the lid making it really tall. I will probably end up giving this product away to a friend.

My June 2013 Birchbox:
The above three products I have not tried yet. I am actually really excited about the Color Club nail polish, I love the bright coral color. I will probably try that out this week. (I'll let you know!) The Suki exfoliating foam cleanser smells great and I look forward to trying that as well. The Youngblood Hi-Def Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder sounds interesting, I will have to try to work that into my makeup routine soon and see what I think.

Now here are the products I have already tried from the June Birchbox. Pictured are the Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo, Love Smoothing Conditioner packet and Oi/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion. I have used all three products the last 3 times I shampooed my hair. (I made the conditioner and oil packets lasted me 3 uses, the shampoo will obviously last several more.) The scent of the shampoo and conditioner is light and but the scent of the oil is a little stronger and lasts longer. I do like the scent of the oil, and I love the way the combination of these three products makes my hair feel. It is so soft!

This month's Glam Bag just felt kinda young to me. As in I felt like maybe I am too old to be subscribed. (I think it was that glitter palette!) If I was in my teens still I probably would have loved everything about it, but I'm in my late 20's. I have been kinda on the fence with Ipsy and Birchbox lately, and this month didn't help Ipsy. (Perhaps I need to revisit my beauty profile on Ipsy and take the quiz again, maybe that would help?) I did enjoy several products from my Birchbox so far though, so I guess we will see what July brings and see how I'm feeling about these subs then! :)

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Re-Design In Progress!

I am currently in the process of trying to redesign my blog. I just felt like there was too much going on and I needed to simplify. I apologize for any inconvenience but I hope you will like the end result!

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Check back soon for more posts and makeup fun, and to see my final redesign! :)

DIY Beauty Box as a Gift

I know I'm about 2 months behind here but I'm going to share what I put together as a joint birthday and Mother's Day gift for my mom. (Her birthday is in May as well.) Something like this could be a great idea for any gift giving occasion. By decorating a Birchbox box and filling it with a few extra samples I had as well as some products I purchased to include, I think I put together a great gift for my mom. Here is what I decorated the box to look like:

I got the chevron patterned gift wrap from the Dollar Spot at Target. The silver letters are chipboard and are also from Target. I used the pink tissue paper from the Birchbox to wrap around everything.

I made my own handwritten description card with Sharpies. I looked up details about the products on websites like Sephora, Ulta and Birchbox. Because I was giving the gift for her birthday and Mother's Day, I divided the products into two themes, Mom's Day Spa Day and Birthday Makeover. I included a couple of samples that I either knew she would really enjoy or that had duplicates of and had already tried. I also included a few items purchased from Target, Fred Meyer, Sephora and Bath & Bodyworks.

Here is a shot of everything I included in the box. The Chloe perfume is a deluxe sample I received from Sephora. (I believe I got that using my Beauty Insider points, probably 100 points.) The mini Anastasia Beverly Hills lip glosses, Borghese Body Soak and Kusmi Teas were all samples I received through either Birchbox or a swag bag I got at an event last fall. The Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero came in a palette I got at either Sephora or Ulta. (I'm not sure now which palette that one came out of but I have so many of them at this point! Great pencils though.) The Smashbox Full Exposure mascara sample was a bonus sample I got with a Smashbox order. I purchased the Milani nail polishes at Fred Meyer, the Burt's Bees cuticle cream at Nordstrom Rack, the Pineapple Orchid candle from Bath & Bodyworks and the E.L.F. palette and Softlips from Target.

All in all, a pretty fun set of samples to give or receive. I don't think my mom has tried many of the products or brands I included, so I'm sure she has had fun playing with them and trying some new things. I hope you enjoy reading about them and are perhaps inspired to create your own beauty box to give as a gift! Especially anyone who frequently orders from makeup companies that send you samples or are subscribed to any beauty box subscription services. If you are anything like me, you're not using all those samples and probably just hoarding them, so why not create a fun gift to give? :)