Thursday, April 25, 2013

Throwback Thursdays: Covergirl!

Welcome to my first Throwback Thursday!

In recent Spring cleaning, I came across a bag of some of my first makeup products I picked out for myself and used regularly at the time. When I say these are old, I mean some of them at least 15 years old from when I was in middle school. The late 90's and beyond. Why I have these still? I have no idea, however I thought it would be fun to share a few of the products I loved back then.
My freezer bag of former favorites...
Today we are looking at my old favorite Covergirl products. Nowadays, I tend to completely ignore the Covergirl section at my drugstore. Not that they are bad, I just go right for the Wet n Wild usually. I did have a few Wet n Wild products back in the day also, but those are long gone. (And Wet n Wild is far better now than they used to be.) I think back then, I went for the Covergirl products because it was the most cost effective for those of us on a budget of Christmas/Birthday money or allowance.

Covergirl products circa 1996-1999ish
First off, two Covergirl Professional Eye Enhancers. I obviously used them pretty much completely up. (Again, why I have these still? I have no idea... They're empty and apparently I'm a hoarder!) The two shades are Champagne on the left and Pink Chiffon on the right. You also gotta love the tape holding that Champagne one together. The lid cracked from me carrying it around in my backpack, so I fixed it with scotch tape. So I could keep carrying it around with me. Smart. Lol!
I loved makeup but didn't know how to do anything fancy with it, so basically in middle school and early high school when I was using these, I would apply one of the two colors all over my lid. I was able to scrape out enough to do swatches of both. (You know the makeup is old when the little sponge applicators it comes with are disintegrating. Eek!) Looking at them together now, they are actually really similar. Champagne is slightly more golden and Pink Chiffon is slightly more pink.
Covergirl Champagne and Pink Chiffon eyeshadows.
Both colors are still available, Champagne here and Pink Chiffon here on

Another absolute favorite of mine, the Covergirl Continuous Color Lipstick in Rose Quartz. Ahhh the frosty pinks... I loved this lipstick. I believe this one was even my second full size tube of it, not to mention the sample size shown in the photo too.
I even have a brand new tube of this that I got on clearance about a year ago for a couple bucks. I suppose I got the new tube for nostalgia purposes? Though I'm not sure how often I will wear it. Especially since it is still in the packaging. (Perhaps that one should be added to my bag of donate/give away makeup items...) This is still available if anyone is interested in purchasing it, here it is on

Lastly, the Eye Slicks Gel Eye Color pencils. I had 3 of these around that middle school to early high school time. Moondust, Purple Freeze and Pink Ice. As you can see, I used Pink Ice the most. That was the first one I had. I must have lost my eye pencil sharpener by the time I got the other two because I only used them until the tip wore down. (I sharpened them all for these photos.)
I had forgotten about the sort of cooling sensation when you apply these until I just swatched them on my hand. Kinda interesting. It doesn't last at all though, only when you first apply it.
CG Eye Slicks in Pink Ice, Purple Freeze and Moondust.
As I was swatching these, I thought "Maybe I should keep these to use as eyeshadow bases!" The white is nice and bright and that purple has a cool golden pink duochrome. But I quickly reminded myself that I need to be getting rid of stuff (especially old products!) not finding reasons to keep more things. I have a drawer full of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils and Maybelline Color Tattoos anyway, I'm sure I can dupe these. The whole line of Eye Slicks has been discontinued, but I still see them at the Dollar Tree sometimes so if you are interested maybe you can check out a dollar store near you. Or just try out a different brand of eye crayons, such as NYX, Wet n Wild or Milani.

Well, I hope you found this at least mildly entertaining. I have a few other "sets" of old school favorites to share, including Maybelline, Revlon, Bonne Bell and a few random products. I'll try to keep up on Throwback Thursdays until I get through those. It's sort of a "What's In My Purse, circa 1999." Haha!

Have a great Thursday and don't forget to be social! :)

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