Sunday, June 3, 2012

Packing Makeup for Travel

Two weeks ago I went on vacation to Arches National Park in Utah and Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. The trip was awesome and I definitely recommend it to any of you looking for an adventure with gorgeous scenery, cool history and tons of photography opportunities.

For this trip, I tried to pack only things I really thought I'd need or want with me, especially since I knew we were headed to a desert. I brought lots of makeup even though I wasn't sure how much and how often I would actually wear it. (I wanted to be prepared for any situation! I had no idea how much hiking I was in for!) So how did I decide what to bring when I was packing for this trip? I'll go over this in detail, noting what I did and didn't use and what I would do differently next time.

Observed weather May 20-25th in Moab, UT.
From Weather Underground.
I checked the weather forecast for the week of our trip before I started packing. During our trip, it was in the mid 80's to 90's in Moab, UT. Because of the heat, I specifically didn't pack any lipstick or anything else I was worried might melt. I also made sure to pack lots of products containing SPF as well as a good sunscreen.

My trio of makeup bags.
I packed most of my makeup in one makeup bag, then used another smaller bag for things like lipgloss, mascara and pencils. I also had a bag with some makeup brushes and tools in it. And this isn't even including things like lotions, toothbrush, hair brush, etc. (The fact that I couldn't fit it all in one bag should probably have been a sign I was packing too much. Lol!)

 First, I have this red printed makeup bag. The bag is from the Calypso St. Barth collection last year at Target. The shape and size of it are usually perfect for my needs. I also like that it has a little mirror under the flap. I got it when it went on clearance for about $5 and have really liked using it so far.

You can pack a lot of makeup in this bag!
Now here is all the crap I fit in it for this trip. I had primers, blushes, eyeshadows, bronzers, lip balm, concealer, highlighter, eyebrow powder, gel eyeliner, a paint pot, foundations, the Naked palette and I think there were even a few things inside the bag that don't show up in the above photo.

The products I used most frequently.
Out of all the products packed in that bag above, the few shown here are the only ones I used more than once on my trip. One reason is because once I got there and really realized what I was in for (hiking, heat, sweating, 96 degrees!) I realized that I probably wasn't going to be doing a full face of makeup each day. I stuck with a tinted moisturizer, a little blush and bronzer, lip balm and a few times I did apply a little eyeshadow. (I did also wear mascara and an eyeliner pencil but those will be shown below.) The only reason I even wore this much makeup was in case I was in any photos. I quickly found out that I was going to sweat it all off anyway though.

A small, flat makeup bag perfect for pencils and mascara.
Then I had this bag. A flatter, small gold bag from a Smashbox sample kit last year at Christmas time. The bag doesn't hold a lot, but it is perfect for pencils, mascara, lip glosses and anything else long like that. That is exactly what I put in it for this trip.

All filled up with lip and eye products.
I had 4 different eyeliner pencils, 2 lipliners, 3 Mac lip glosses, 3 Urban Decay sample size lip glosses, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, two mascaras, a Garnier rollerball and brow gel all packed in this bag.

Most used products in the gold bag.
I only used four out of all the products mentioned I packed in that gold bag. Perfekt brow gel, Buxom Lash mascara, Bare Minerals Big & Bright eyeliner and the Garnier Anti-Dark Circles rollerball. I used these 4 products on most days of my trip.

A zipper pouch I filled with makeup brushes.
Then, to apply all that makeup, I needed some makeup brushes. I filled another zippered pouch with makeup brushes, an eyelash curler and tweezers.

Packed full of tools and brushes!
I do use makeup brushes to apply almost all of my makeup, so if I want to do that on vacation as well they are necessary. I used many of the brushes I brought, even though I probably could have gotten by with fewer.

Most used makeup brushes on my trip.
I actually only used 2 different brushes for my eyes, the stipple brush for my tinted moisturizer, the fluffy brush for bronzer, the flat top brush for blush and thats it. There are a couple extra brushes included in the photo above, but what is shown is what I would probably narrow it down to next time.

Everything I used on my face more than once.
Shown in this photo is all the makeup products I used more than once on my trip. I also threw in the moisturizer I used. Out of all the things I packed, these are the only ones I actually used frequently. All of the above items except the lotion would fit in one of the 3 different bags I showed previously. I am hoping this will serve as a guide to work from next time I have to pack for a trip like this.

I didn't realize just how much lighter I could have packed until I got home and started unpacking. I brought so many things I didn't even use. Some of it was stuff I hoped to use and didn't get to, some of it just didn't work for the climate and some were things I just shouldn't have packed to begin with. Looking back, I can see how ridiculous the amount of products I brought with me was. I think narrowing everything down to what I did actually use will help me pack wiser next time. Hopefully this will also help someone else who isn't sure what to pack for a similar vacation.

I also took photos of a travel bag with toiletries I brought and I will go over that too in a separate post.

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