Thursday, May 3, 2012

NYX Cosmetics 40% off at Cherry Culture

I just got this in my inbox! Cherry Culture is having a 40% off sale on NYX Cosmetics! All sale items are marked with a little red SALE icon. Add these items to your cart then use the code NYX40 at checkout to get the discount. The sale ends May 6th, which is this coming Sunday!

I have ordered from Cherry Culture before, back when they had sales around Christmas time. It does take them longer to process orders when they have big sales like this, so you won't necessarily get your items quickly. However, everything I ordered came packaged really well and perfectly intact.

Never tried NYX before? Here are some products I like that are part of the sale:
I have several including Peach and Pinched. Love them. These are a favorite of Marlena from Makeup Geek, in fact I purchased the two shades I mentioned based on what she used in some of her tutorials. Here is the tutorial for her Birthday Look where she uses Pinched blush.
Pearl Mania Pigments 
These little loose powder eyeshadows are great, I have almost all of them. I do find the containers they come in hard to work with though, so I suggest dumping a little product out onto a paper plate or something and using it from there. Or simply purchase some small jars with sifters (like how the Bare Minerals eyeshadows come) and transfer the product to those.
Slim Lip Pencils 
I haven't tried their retractable pencils but these are pretty good for how inexpensive they are and there are so many colors to choose from! I also saw these recommended on
Single Eyeshadows
I have a bunch of these and they can be hit and miss. I like most of the ones I have, but avoid any with glitter because they will be fallout central! Also avoid the matte white shade. The matte black is awesome though! Here are Marlena from Makeup Geek's recommendations on the 10 Best Nyx Eyeshadows to Start Your Collection. Here is one more resource I use if I am thinking of buying NYX single eyeshadows. Asphyxiation on owns all 162 shades and swatched them all here.

I have also heard some good things about the Butt Naked Palette (even though I hate the name...) It is regularly $25 but is included in this sale. The NYX Girls Round Lip glosses are included too, I have not tried these but I have read that people like them better than the Mega Shine lip glosses. Unfortunately, some of my favorite products aren't included in the sale, like the Round Lipsticks and Jumbo Eye Pencils. There are still many great options at 40% off though, so if you are thinking of trying some products from NYX, now might be the time!

What are your favorite products from NYX? Are you planning on buying anything during this sale? What will you purchase?

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