Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wet n Wild Shimmer Singles

L-R: Platinum, Sellout, Golddigger and Trashed.
These are the new Wet n Wild Amped Up Shimmer Singles eyeshadows. They retail for $1.99 and come packages with a mini black eyeliner pencil. The eyeshadows are the same size as the core collection singles. (Both of these photos are from my cell phone because my camera is charging so I apologize for any lack of quality!) Thanks to Zadidoll, I learned about these and where to get them on sale this morning. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, take a look at your local Fred Meyer to find the new Wet n Wild Amped Up Eyeshadow Shimmer Singles. There were two full displays at my Fred Meyer, each display holds three of each shade in the collection. All Wet n Wild eyeshadows are currently on sale at Fred Meyer for BOGO 1/2 Off, so that included these. I decided to pick up four of the five shades. The colors I purchases are Trashed (shimmery black), Platinum (shimmery silver), Golddigger (shimmery yellow gold) and Sellout (shimmery fushia.) I will likely go back for the last one just to complete the set, but it is a blue shade that I am not sure I will get much use out of.

Here are some quick swatches.
Trashed, Platinum, Golddigger and Sellout.
Since I just purchased these today, I don't have a lot to say about them yet. My first impression of the black shade Trashed was "Wow!" It is super pigmented. It has a ton of shimmer in it when you view it in the pan, which almost made me not buy it. It looked too glittery. Once it is swatched, there is still visible shimmer but less of it than in the pan. In my opinion, it looks better swatched. It is the only one in the swatches above that I only swiped once with my finger. The other 3 each took a couple of swipes to build up the color a little. They also have less visible sparkle as the black shade. The gold shade, Golddigger was the most disappointing. I think it took 3 layers to see the color shown in my swatch above. Trashed reminds me of MAC Black Tied, so I will have to do a comparison swatch of those two together. I do really like the gray shade, Platinum. The two other colors I probable could have lived without. I was hoping these would be like a drugstore version of the Urban Decay Stardust eyeshadows but the shimmer isn't as fine in texture and it's not as prominent. When I have had more time to play with them, I'll let you know what my thoughts are.

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