Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sephora Beauty Insiders Birthday Freebie 2012

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If you haven't already seen this on Sephora's website, the birthday freebie for Beauty Insiders this year is a Fresh Sugar mini lip duo. I'm excited to try this, even though I will have to wait until June!  :)

If you are not already a Beauty Insider, I recommend signing up! Besides a freebie during the week of your birthday, you earn points for every dollar you spend and can trade those points in for deluxe samples. There are also occasionally coupons, exclusive value sets and early access to new items available to Beauty Insiders only!

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  1. I actually won a Sugar Fresh sample through a Test Tube contest and LOVE it. I will be buying a full size once I'm out of the sample.... If something else hasn't caught my eye by then! LOL

  2. Good to hear! I haven't tried it yet but I have definitely picked it up several times in Sephora and almost bought one! Now I just have to wait until June and I can try it free! haha

  3. i was so excited when i heard about this years gift! i have been wanting to try the fresh lip balms forever! i have to wait all the way till AUGUST 30th!! EEP! p.s. GREAT BLOG ill be by often!


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