Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Essence Cosmetics Sale!

I have noticed lately that many of the products in the Essence display at my Fred Meyer have little yellow 50% off signs. (I believe I have seen the same sale signs on the display at Ulta as well, but I don't remember there being as many items included there.) You would miss this if you just glanced at the display, because the sales are noted right on the strip below the row of products where the price is listed. There is probably at least one shade of almost every product on sale. I saw one or more shades/types of each of the following:
   - mini nail polishes
   - long wearing glosses
   - tube glosses (the fruity ones)
   - XXXL glosses (about 5-6 shades)
   - lipsticks
   - lip liner in soft rose
   - all of the metallic eyeliner
   - several other eyeliners
   - a couple mascaras
   - 4 of the 6 eyeshadow quads
   - the purple gel liner
   - the liquid liners
   - two of the smokey eye kits
   - both mini lipgloss kits

That probably isn't everything either. I'm sure I am missing a couple items. I believe this might just be clearance for certain shades since the brand is still pretty new to us here and only select colors are on sale. While I am a little sad because a few of the products I love are included in the sale (such as that lipliner!!) I am excited to see what new items they add. Fingers crossed that I'm right about this! :)

Essence has become one of my favorite drugstore brands in the last year. Their prices are incredibly inexpensive (about in line with Wet n Wild pricing, or even cheaper for some items!) and their products are of great quality. If you haven't tried anything from the brand yet, why not hit up this sale? In my opinion, $1 for a great lipgloss and $0.74 cents for creamy eyeliners in lots of colors is an excellent deal. Even if you end up trying products that are not part of the sale, they are still a great bargain at regular price. 

Happy Shopping!

UPDATE: here are some quick pics of what the sale signs look like.

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