Monday, December 5, 2011

Swatched: Urban Decay NAKED2

The long awaited sequel to the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palette is here! Naked2 is another set of 12 neutrals in a cool metal case. This time it comes with a mini Lip Junkie lipgloss in Naked and a double sided Good Karma eyeshadow brush. The first 5000 of these palettes went on sale on Thursday 12/1 just before 10 am PST on Urban Decay's website. I ordered mine and received an order confirmation within minutes. The palette was on my front porch by Saturday, 12/3. Every time I order something from their website, it arrives very quickly. They always pack everything well too, I have never had a problem with broken items. The consistency of their shipping speed and quality is very impressive.

Back to Naked2, I am already impressed with the case. While I was working on the photos below, I accidentally dropped the palette from a height of about 3 1/2 feet. The palette was closed, and I don't know if the results would have been the same if it had been open but in this case everything is still perfectly intact. (Whew! I would have hated to destroy my new palette within minutes of actually opening it.) The colors are all very beautiful, but I have slightly mixed reactions about them once swatched. In all of the following swatches, I swatched each color twice. The left side is with no base or primer and on the right it is over Urban Decay Primer Potion in original. With the metallic and shimmery shades the primer doesn't make much of a difference in the actual color. The couple matte shades are the ones that needed it the most.

Above are all the double swatches in a row. (Click on any of these photos to enlarge them.)

Here are the first three colors in the palette: Foxy, Half Baked and Bootycall. Foxy is a matte pale cream color. As you can see, it barely shows up on my skin. Even with the primer! It should still work as a highlight shade though. Half Baked is the only color that is a repeat from the original Naked palette. It is a light peachy gold color. While I love the color, I wish they had added another color instead so there were no repeats. I like to use this shade as an allover eyelid color. Bootycall is a very light slightly pinkish pearl shade. It has a nice smooth texture and would be good as a highlight.

The next three shades are Chopper, Tease and Snakebite. Chopper is a light peachy copper color. The texture is softer than some of the others, so be careful not to dig too hard into the eyeshadow or you will get far too much product. It appears to have glitter in it, at least when you look at the color in the pan. I don't see much glitter once it is swatched though. Tease is another matte shade. The color is a muted purpley gray. This is one of the shades I was most excited about in this palette. It takes some work to get color payoff, but I like the color so much I feel it's worth it. As you can see in the photo above, this is definitely one of those colors that behaves better with a primer. Snakebite is a deep bronze color with a slightly golden sheen to it. This is another color I was looking forward to and I think it will be a great crease color. It is also sort of soft, at least when swatching it with my finger.

The next three are Suspect, Pistol and Verve. Suspect is a very pretty light gold color. It is a neutral gold, no peachy tones here. Pistol is a light gunmetal gray color. This shade would be great for the crease for a lighter smokey eye! Verve is a frosty grayish pearl shade. I already have this color in my Rollergirl Palette and I love using it to highlight my inner corners of my eyes. Actually, Suspect is also in the Rollergirl Palette and I love using the two together.

The last three colors are YDK, Busted and Blackout. YDK is a little soft in texture. The color is sort of a metallic rose. Busted is a deep slightly plummy brown. I think these two colors would look great together, using YDK on your eyelid and Busted in your crease. Blackout is a matte black. As you can see, you get a much more intense black shade over primer.

Overall, Urban Decay makes great quality shadows and the brand is definitely one of my favorites but I wasn't blown away by this palette. If I could make any changes to it I wanted, I would scrap Half Baked and throw in another neutral color instead. I would also want to improve the color payoff in the matte shades, especially Tease. I don't care for double sided brushes too much, so I would have rather had just one full sized crease brush or a full sized liner. The mini Lip Junkie lip gloss is cute but tiny. Personally, I probably didn't need this one because I already have a lot of Urban Decay eyeshadows, but I do think there are some great colors in here and I know I will use it at least for those. If you don't already have a bunch of Urban Decay then this could be a great purchase for you.

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette! (currently out of stock as of 12/5, but they should be getting more in soon!)

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