Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Swatched: Wet n Wild I ♥ Matte Palette

I have so many photos I have taken of products I have bought lately, so here is the first post of many. THis is the Wet n Wild I ♥ Matte palette. It is an 8-pan palette that is limited edition and exclusive to Walgreens. I found it on a cardboard end cap display with the baked holiday palettes. It retails for $4.99, but of course if there is a sale on Wet n Wild you can get it cheaper! I got it on sale for BOGO 1/2 off at the beginning of the month.

close up of the matte shadows
This is a great collection of neutral browns and a matte black, a matte white and a few bright colors in case you are feeling crazy. As the name suggests, these shadows are matte. Well, actually the bright blue has a metallic sheen to it. The dark purple has small sparse flecks of glitter but you can mostly buff those away. In fact, the two colors I just mentioned that are not matte are the only two unique to this palette. If you own the 6-pan palettes in Vanity, Greed and Pride you already have dupes for all the matte colors. Take a closer look at these swatches.

in shade, with flash

direct sunlight
So lets cover this from left to right in the photos above. (That's top to bottom and left to right if you are looking at the actual palette.) The first shade above is a matte white. In Pride, there is a matte white. The two are identical when swatched next to each other. Next is the green shade, which is identical to the matte green in Pride. The next two colors, the bright blue and dark purple, are actually unique to this palette. Both are very pretty colors and funny enough they are probably my two favorite in the Matte palette. Now I have a feeling it is because I have seen the other shades before. Moving on, the lightest matte brown is slightly darker than the lightest shade in Vanity but almost exact when compared to the lightest shade in Greed. It is also very close to the single in Brulee. If you have any of those, you already have this color. The medium brown shade in the Matte palette is identical to the middle matte shade in Greed. These are both a medium shade of brown that leans very orange, at least on my skin tone. You can barely tell the two apart when swatched. The only difference I can see is that the shade from Greed is ever so slightly pinker. The dark brown shade in the Matte palette is exactly the same as the dark brown matte shade in Vanity. Then of course, there is the matte black. This is very close to the matte black shade in Greed, however I find the matte black in Greed is more pigmented. In fact, if there was a difference at all in any of the identical colors, it was that the shades from the 6-pan palettes were slightly more pigmented than those from the Matte palette.

the back of the package
Overall, the quality seems on par with the rest of the Wet n Wild eyeshadows I have used. If anything, some of the colors were slightly less pigmented than their dupes from the 6-pan palettes Greed, Vanity and Pride. There are only two new and unique colors (that aren't even matte!) in this limited edition palette. Honestly, if you already have the three 6-pan palettes I mentioned, don't bother hunting this down unless you really want the bright blue and dark purple. If you don't have any of the 6-pan palettes, this might be a good buy for you, especially if you prefer matte eyeshadows. Personally, I love shimmer so even if I had purchased this Matte palette first, I likely would have still purchased all the 6-pan palettes. They have great shimmery shades! I don't see myself using this all too often, but I do plan on keeping it for the two unique shades. 

Hope this helps you decide if you should purchase this palette or not! :)

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