Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New NYX Retailers

NYX Cosmetics are now available at limited locations of two new retailers. This is a great brand that is really inexpensive, but can be hard to find a good selection. Only a couple of drugstore chains and Ulta carried it until now. According to the NYX Tumblr page, the brand is now available at select Bed Bath & Beyond stores and Nordstroms. If you have been having trouble finding NYX, take a look at these lists and see if there is a new retailer near you. Hopefully they will continue to expand to more locations of these stores to make their products more widely available. Here are the details from the NYX Tumblr page:

Image is screen shot of NYX Tumblr page.
Image is screen shot of NYX Tumblr page.
I saw that these are also online: NYX Cosmetics on Nordstrom.com.

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