Thursday, November 3, 2011

My (Super Last Minute) Sephora F&F Order

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Sephora Friends & Family sale ended last night. It officially ended at 11:59pm PST, and I literally placed my order at 11:55. Talk about last minute!

I had been filling up my card and whittling it back down to nothing all week, trying to decide if there was anything I just couldn't live without. As I was doing this again last night, I realized that an Urban Decay Beauty In A Box set I had been eyeballing for a long time was back in stock. I have been looking at is since it was still regular price at the beginning of the year, then watched as it went on sale and later out of stock. I haven't seen it in stock in months, so I figured I missed the opportunity. I also wondered why they kept showing the kit when it was out of stock for so long, but I guess they just do that sometimes.

Anyway, so this UD Beauty In A Box was back in stock and that is what pushed me to make the order. Since I have been wanting it for awhile and still had the chance to use the F&F code for 20% off, I decided to do it. The only other thing I ordered is a set of mostly sample sized items from Tarte. I haven't used anything from the brand before and wanted to try out some products. It includes sample sizes of one of their Lip Surgence crayons, Lights Camera Lashes! Mascara and a cheek stain. It also includes a full size pot of their EmphasEyes Waterproof clay eyeliner. So I am looking forward to trying out those products as well. Here are screen shots of the kits from Sephora's website.

screen shot from

screen shot from

Of course there are lots of other products I am interested in, but I was trying to be good and not spend too much money. :)

When these arrive I will be sure to post swatches for you!

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