Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Makeup Organization... (I heart Target.)

As someone with a limited amount of space for their makeup, I hope to be able to give you some good tips on makeup organization and maximizing your storage. I don't have an official vanity because I just don't have room anywhere in my house for one. (Well, maybe I could fit one in my kitchen, but that would be strange!) Instead I use the top of my nightstand and the top drawer of it as a makeshift vanity. I have a couple of those plastic 3-drawer organizers on a little shelf off to the side. At this point I am pretty happy with how I have everything set up in my little makeup area. I have definitely spent my fair share of time searching for great organizers and love the ones I have found. I will list links to comparable organizers you can find online as I go. I really feel like I have done the best I can with the space I have, for now at least. This seems to always be evolving.

The tabletop:
My lighted mirror was purchased at Ulta when I had a 20% off coupon. I love it because it has an outlet on the back so I can plug in my curling iron or anything else like that I need while getting ready. I use that faux leather tray to keep everything corralled on the top of the table. I know it looks a little cluttered with all those perfume bottles and everything, but like I said, I just don't have anywhere else to put some of this stuff. The tray is from Target years ago so unfortunately I don't remember how much it cost. However, I am sure they have something similar. The ivory colored 3 compartment organizer I have my brushes in was purchased at TJ Maxx. I have eye brushes in the left compartment, face brushes in the middle and eyeliners and other pencils on the right. I believe I paid about $8 for it. TJ Maxx ususally has some cute storage and organization options. (Just take a look at the shelf I got for my nail polish!) The little blue plaid tin holds all my lip balms and was from one of the MAC Tartan Tales holiday giftsets from last year. I got mine over the summer at the CCO. My Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette stays out, because it is so pretty. Here is a better look at the contents in the tray.

Here are some organization options I found online that are comparable to the ones I used above. It is good to think out of the box, try office organization or kitchen storage products. 
On to my drawer...
So as you can see, it is a good sized drawer and I can fit a lot in there. It is nice and deep which allows me to stack the plastic organizer tray you see on top of the other 2 below it. All those organizers fit nicely to the right side while leaving me space on the left for my palettes and a few other odds and ends. The box in the back left of the drawer with some bottles in it is a thin plastic gift container from christmas several years back. (Thus the blue snowflakes.) It looked like a takeout box but I cut the flaps off of it to use it for storage. It holds mini makeup remover bottles and makeup setting sprays. To the right of it are two Too Faced bronzer palettes. The shiny black zipped case is what my Buxom Stay There Eyeshadows came in. I don't keep those eyeshadows in it and haven't found another use for it yet so for now it sits in the drawer.  In the front left are palettes, all different brands. (I better not buy too many more, because I am running out of room! lol) Here is a close up of the top tray on the right side.

I love this tray. Actually I love all the plastic organizers like this that I got. They are from Target, in the bathroom organization aisle. I believe it was $12 for this one, you can find one in store near you here. As you can see it fits a lot of things! The different compartment sizes are really useful for organizing. I have eyeshadow bases in the top left, cream eyeshadows in the middle left and eyebrow powders/ pencil sharpeners in the bottom left. The middle compartment holds blemish treatments, concealers, face powders, eyelash curlers and tweezers. The top right is all my primers and the bottom right is gel eyeliners and the powders I often use to go over them. Underneath this tray sits two three compartment organizers. 

These two three compartment organizers are also from Target should be available in the same aisle as the one above. Unfortunately it is not on the website for me to link for you. This one is the smaller version of the one above, which I also have one of. (You will see it later in this post.) The ones you see above are really similar, only they have deeper compartments. I believe I paid about $8 each for them. 
The organizer on the left has bronzers in the back compartment, blushes in the middle and my everyday face products in the front. The organizer on the right has highlighters and shimmer palettes in the back, and a bunch of my favorite eyeshadows in the other two compartments. I kinda keep all of my products I typically use in this drawer, and the other storage units I have hold the products I don't use as often. 

Other Storage...
I have this mini 3 drawer stack on top of a shoe organizer shelf next to my nightstand. It is Sterilite and I purchased it at Fred Meyer for about $8. They have really similar ones at Target also, but the ones at Target don't have the little flip top lid like this one has on top. I keep my camera charger in there since I mostly use it to take pictures of makeup lately. The top drawer houses my Wet n Wild trios (the ones that aren't included in my "favorites" in the drawer of my nightstand.) The second drawer holds extra mascaras, eyeliners and eyeshadow pencils I rarely use and the bottom drawer is fake eyelashes and glue. The Kleenex box you see next to it is actually out of Kleenex. I use the empty Kleenex boxes as a little trashcan. It is the perfect size and since it is basically trash itself, I just throw it away when it gets full and use the next empty Kleenex box. The pink accordion organizer on the left has all my receipts from beauty products this year. It was purchased at the Dollar Spot at Target. (Last time I was there they had them on clearance for $0.50 each!) My receipts are all organized by month. At one point I thought maybe I would add them all up at the end of the year and see how much I spent, but I think I am having second thoughts. Talk about scary. At least they are there for now in case I need to return something though.

 These two 2 drawer compartments were from Target. Of course they are not on the Target website for me to show you, but I paid $10 each and they are Sterilite brand. You can always use the Where To Buy section on the Sterilite website to find out what stores near you might have them.
These drawers hold mostly eyeshadows and lip products, sorted by brand or type. The top set of drawers (on the left half of the split photo above) has Bare Minerals eyeshadows in the top drawer, ELF eyeshadows in the middle drawer and lipglosses in the bottom drawer. The lower set of drawers (right side in photo) has lipsticks in the top drawer, NYX eyeshadows in the middle drawer and random eyeshadows of many different brands in the bottom. I put these drawer units inside the cubbies of one of these Closetmaid shelfs from Target. (Can you tell I have a love affair with Target?) The shelf was actually purchased to organize clothes in our closet, but as you can see I have taken over most of it. With the drawer units in the cubbies, there was a little space left on the side so I store makeup bags on the top and a couple of ELF palettes and my brush cleaner on the bottom.

Last but not least, the small 3 compartment organizer I mentioned above. Purchased at Target, the price online is $3.49. I keep my little MAC Collection in here. It used to fit in my nightstand drawer until I got the bigger 6 compartment organizer. Now it sits on top of the shelf that holds the two drawer stacks. I am not super into MAC, well... I was for a minute. (Have you ever been to It will make you want to buy everything MAC.) Luckily, I found out about the Cosmetic Company Outlet and that they sell MAC for about 30% less than retail. Most of these items are from the CCO. There are a couple eyeshadows and lipsticks from the Surf Baby collection this past summer that were purchased at the MAC store at the mall, but I went with my cousin who has a pro card so I was able to get a discount on them. I think I have only paid full price for 3 eyeshadows, one lipglass, one eyeliner pencil and the one and only MAC brush I have. As I said, I'm not super into MAC. If something really unique popped up, I would probably take a look. The Surf Baby collection sucked me in because I loved the theme and packaging. Other than that, no other collection recently has made me feel compelled to go out and purchase a bunch of their products. Now, I love the MAC products I do have and I feel they are good quality. But I also feel like I have some really comparable products from the drugstore that I spent way less money on. Now we are getting into a whole different conversation though, so I'm going to leave it at that for now.

I hope you have been able to get some ideas from this. Target and TJ Maxx/Ross are great places to look for storage and organizers. If you have a Storables nearby, I have heard they have great products as well. (They seem a little on the expensive side to me but I have never visited the store.) The Dollar Tree is worth checking out as well, they had a lot of different types of containers, baskets and organizers last time I was there. Office Depot and Staples are good for pen cups that can be used for brushes. Stores like Pier 1 and Cost Plus World Market could have some good stuff too depending on what you are looking for. Or use and reuse things you already have, like my Kleenex box trashcan and Christmas gift wrap container with the flaps cut off. Think outside the box and you can come up with some great storage solutions.

What are your best tips? Feel free to share!


  1. You really have everything so nicely organized!

  2. Thanks! I try... its hard to make everything fit with limited space. :)


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