Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Swatched: L'Oreal Project Runway Colors Take Flight Nail Polishes

I tried to pick nail polishes from this collection that I knew I didn't already have a similar color to. These are the three I ended up with. Originally I was really interested in Cockatoo's Wisdom, the darker of the two for that part of the collection. It is a warmer slightly darker color than Cockatoo's Mystery shown above. The more I looked at it, the more it reminded me of Slick Slate from Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri nail polish line. I went and found a bottle of that in the store and compared them side by side. They look nearly identical in the bottle. They may go on a little different, but to me they were a close enough match that I didn't need both. The other one I liked but didn't end up getting was Raven's Dream, a pale pink color. I just figured I probably have enough different shades of pink, and I know I have several light pinks from Sally Hansen. So here are the three I did end up getting: Raven's Strength, Owl's Night and Cockatoo's Mystery. Here are close up shots from several angles. 

In the three images above, the top one looks the most true to color to me. But as you can see in the additional photos, they all can look a little different depending on the angle and lighting. Raven's Strength is a dark gray with a silvery shimmer to it in the bottle, but you don't see much of the shimmer once it is swatched. It does appear to have a little micro glitter in it but it is hard to notice. Owl's Night looks alike an almost purpley dark gray and has multi colors of gold micro glitter in it. At certain angles it looks completely gold because of all the glitter. The bottom photo above shows a good example of this. Cockatoo's Mystery is a medium lavender grayish shade. Here are swatches on plain white paper. Again, there are different lighting and angles in each.

I actually really like Cockatoo's Mystery, more than I thought I would. I painted my nails with it yesterday and I can't stop admiring the color. I actually thought of looking for another bottle of it in case I run out of this one. It does go on a little sheer, but it only took two coats for me to get good coverage.

Cockatoo's Mystery NOTD

Overall, at $4.99 each or cheaper if you have coupons or can get them on sale, I think these are a good product. I would recommend them if you love the colors and don't already have something similar. Several of the colors are quite dupable, but there are definitely some unique shades.

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