Monday, September 26, 2011

Swatched: L'Oreal Project Runway Colors Take Flight Eyeshadow Quads

As I mentioned a previous post, I only got two of the eyeshadow quads from this limited edition collection. I decided not to get Watchful Owl's Gaze and Audacious Amazon's Gaze because I already have similar colors in different eyeshadow brands. The two I did purchase are Sultry Raven's Gaze and Charming Cockatoo's Gaze. I am loving the color combinations in both of these. Check them out below. (Click to enlarge!)

 Charming Cockatoo's Gaze contains a light peach, light shimmery pink, silvery blue and dark gray blue shades. The light peach, silvery blue and dark gray blue all swatched very smoothly and with nice pigmentation. They look a little light in my swatch photo, but that is without using any primer or base of any kind. Of course over a base or primer these will look far more pigmented. That shimmery pink has glitter in it which creates fallout and an uneven texture. After swatching it, I probably will just avoid that shade. I think the other three shades will still look really nice together without the added shimmer and glitter.

Sultry Raven's Gaze includes a dark brownish black, a bright silver, a dark purple and a black with shimmer. All of these shades swatched smoothly. The pigmentation of the dark brownish black and the silver is really good but the purple and black lacked a little. I included two swatch photos above. The top photo is a normal swatch and the bottom is with the colors built up a little more. The dark purple shows up a little reddish on my skin tone, but how that looks on you will obviously depend on yours.

Both of these quads have the limited edition Project Runway packaging and cost $8.99 regular price. I was able to get them on sale at 30% off at my local Bartell Drugs. I have seen these at Fred Meyer, Bartell Drugs and Walgreens near me (Pacific Northwest) but have heard that the official release date is in October. If they are not out near you yet, keep looking! :)

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