Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Swatched: Wet n Wild Vanity Palette

Last of the core collection Color Icon 6-Pan Palettes from Wet n Wild (but definitely not least) is Vanity. This palette is variations of brown and gold. Same as the rest, it has three matte and three shimmers. The matte shades are pale nude, light brown and dark brown. The lightest shade pretty much blends right in with my skin right now. It is a little pinker but brightening. (Just in case you wanted to know how pale I am without self tanner. lol) The light brown shade reminds me of suede leather. It is a little on the warm side for a color I would normally wear, but I think I can get away with it. The dark brown is a dark ever so slightly reddish brown. The color reminds me of chocolate chips but that could be my sweet tooth talking. The shimmery shades included are a light yellow pearl, a yellow gold and a bronze. All three shimmery shades have a slight metallic finish. This palette is my second favorite of the four core collection palettes. I am pretty sure I will use all of these colors and somewhat often. The only one I am not so sure about is the matte light brown because, as I mentioned above, it is a little warm for me.

This palette, like the rest of the 6-Pan Palettes is $4.99 regular price. You should be able to find them wherever you normally buy Wet n Wild. These are supposed to be  discontinued in January 2012.

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Wet n Wild Website

All swatches are swiped with my finger onto clean bare skin. No primers or base are used so that you may get an idea of the true color of the product and how it appears on skin.


  1. I love these colors! I think I need to go buy it :)

  2. Wet n Wild is BOGO 1/2 Off at Fred Meyer this week! Enjoy! :)


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