Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Swatched: Wet n Wild Pride Palette

The Wet n Wild Pride Palette is basically a matte and pearl version each of white, aqua and dark blue. As with all the palettes in the 6-Pan series, all the matte shades are on the left and the pearl ones are on the right. These were all nicely pigmented and easy to work with. This is probably my least favorite palette of the four, only because I don't tend to wear these colors that often. I do really like the matte white and the shimmery dark blue. My least favorite is probably the matte aqua color. To me, it just isn't a very wearable shade. That seems to be the trend with these first two palettes, this one and the Greed Palette. so far I like about half the colors in each one and probably wont use the rest. No worries though, at $4.99 regular price, it is still worth it even for only half the colors! These are available most places Wet n Wild is sold until they are discontinued in January 2012.

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Wet n Wild Website

All swatches are swiped with my finger onto clean bare skin. No primers or base are used so that you may get an idea of the true color of the product and how it appears on skin.

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