Friday, August 12, 2011

Swatched: Revlon Scented Nail Enamel

How fun are these? I kinda feel like a kid for buying scented nail polish, but what actually drew me to these was the colors. The colors shown above are (from left to right) Not So Blueberry, Grapefruit Fizz and Beach. I had been eyeing Grapefruit Fizz and Beach several times when I saw them in stores, so I decided to finally get them when Fred Meyer had a B2GO Free sale on Revlon nail color a couple weeks ago.

Not So Blueberry and Beach are both part of the regular line of scented nail polish, and Grapefruit Fizz was on a display with other fizzy themed scents and matching lip glosses. I have tried to find information online about whether or not these are limited edition. From what I have seen, I think they used to be limited edition for each summer, but I know there is a permanent spot in the Revlon Nail Polish display for them. I assume that the Grapefruit Fizz and other fizzy scents are limited edition for this summer and the rest are permanent. If I am able to find more information on this I will update.
L-R: Not So Blueberry, Grapefruit Fizz, Beach
Not So Blueberry is a purplish periwinkle color with a silver sheen to it. The scent smells like candy blueberry.
Grapefruit Fizz is a pink jelly base with pink and silver iridescent glitter in it. Some of it seems to reflect slightly gold too. The scent smells like sweetened grapefruit.
Beach is a bright lime green with a yellow sheen. It smells like sunscreen and saltwater. 

In the above swatches, I tried to give you several different views and light sources. I applied 2 coats of each nail polish with no base or top coat. I have only worn Beach as a full manicure. The scent lasted probably about 5 days, and it was actually fairly chip resistant too. I didn't wear a top coat with it because I didn't want to cover up the scent. (I read online today that wearing a topcoat with these shouldn't cover the scent, you will still be able to smell it.) The color is really pretty and I got several compliments on it. Based on the smell, my favorite is Not So Blueberry. I love the color of Beach and Not So Blueberry. Grapefruit Fizz is my least favorite of the three so far, but I might like it better with more than 2 coats.

These retail for $4.99 each regular price. You should be able to find them wherever you normally buy Revlon. I have seen them at Fred Meyer, Walgreens, Bartell Drugs and Rite Aid.  Look for sales too, I know Relvon nail color is 30% Off at Bartell Drugs this week.

Revlon Scented Nail Enamel

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