Thursday, August 11, 2011

Swatched: LE Wet n Wild Snow Sprite Palette

Even though this palette is Limited Edition from Holiday 2010, I wanted to go ahead and post swatches for it. I purchased this at Fred Meyer at the end of July. How this was left at least 7 months after they were originally put on shelves, I have no idea. I actually saw it probably a month before I bought it. As I have mentioned in other posts, I am not super into blue eyeshadows, so I kept looking at this but not buying it. There were actually two of them on the shelf at this time. The day I bought it, the other one had already been purchased so this was the last one. I was really interested in the middle green shade, so I decided to just get it. There were four different holiday palettes each packaged with a different color of eyeliner. I assume this must have been less popular than the others for it to still have been on a shelf at Fred Meyer so many months later for me to buy.

This is different than the regular 6-Pan palettes because all 6 shades are shimmery. It came with a metallic silver eyeliner. After having swatched the eyeshadow, I think my favorite is the middle shade of green. I also really like the darkest blue, I think it would be good as a liner or defining the crease. I was a little disappointed in the two lighter shades of blue, they look much different in the pan than they do applied. Once applied you could hardly tell the difference. The pencil liner is cool I guess, but I don't use pencils for eyeliner too often so I probably wont use it much. It is my first silver eyeliner though, so I may have to try it out just to see what it looks like on.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase. It was worth getting in case I ended up liking a few colors and because that was probably my last chance to buy it. I do look forward to what the holiday collections will be like this year. If you are interested in this palette, you can always take a look in the clearance area at a store near you that sells Wet n Wild. Hopefully you will get lucky too!

This palette was $4.99, the same as the core collection 6-pan palettes. 

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All swatches are swiped with my finger onto clean bare skin. No primers or base are used so that you may get an idea of the true color of the product and how it appears on skin.

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