Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Favorites!

Okay, so I know I am a few days late on this one. But, I found some really good products last month so I wanted to make sure and share them. These are me favorite new products from July, and a couple I wish I hadn't bought. :)

Urban Decay Loose Pigments: 
I actually purchased these at the end of June, but didn't get around to using them until about two weeks ago. While the packaging on these isn't great and can get a bit messy, the product itself is awesome. These loose eyeshadows are highly pigmented, blend well and last long. As I explained in my post about these, I found it easier to use them when I transferred the pigments to small sifter jars and used a regular makeup brush. If you don't mind trying to work with the original packaging or transferring them into something else, I highly recommend these. Especially with their current sale price at Urban Decay, $5 each!

Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Goddess:
I have quite a few bronzers at this point, but I have found that most of them have shimmer. I wanted a bronzer that was matte for when I didn't want shimmer and I found it with this product. This bronzer looks really natural, even on my light skin. I lightly dust it on and it gives me just the right amount of color. This is a great buy at $2.99 and is widely available. I bought mine at Fred Meyer during a BOGO 1/2 Off Sale, but this week Kmart has Wet n Wild on sale for BOGO Free!

Essence Color & Go Nail Polish:
I only have 3 of these so far, but I love them! These little guys are $0.99 each and you can find them at Fred Meyer, Ulta or HEB. These apply smoothly and dry fairly quickly. (A little Seche Vite top coat always helps!) I bought these in Irreplaceable, Choose Me! and What Do You Think? and I love them all. These definitely rival more expensive nail polish in quality. You can see my swatch of Irreplaceable Here.

Bonne Bell lipLites in Cappuccino:
This is another product that I actually bought awhile ago and didn't really start using until last month. I used to use these back in high school and I still think they are great today. I never had this specific color until recently, but I have also used Creme Pop and a berry one. It might have been Frosted Berry? I am not sure as the name is worn off now and the Frosted Berry they now sell looks different. Back to Cappuccino: I really like this color and the way it smells. This lipgloss is semi opaque and creamy so you get a subtle color. It looks great on its own or over lipsticks. I look forward to repurchasing more colors that I used to have. These should be around $4 depending on where you buy them from and if you get them on sale. I believe I got mine at Fred Meyer and paid $3.99.

As for products I regret buying, here are the two I could come up with. This is kind of a stretch because it's not that these are bad products, they just didn't live up to my expectations. :)

Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat:
I finally decided to try using a base coat with my nail polish and this is the one I purchased. Well, I am back to not using a base coat after just one time of trying this. I felt like this made it more difficult to evenly apply my nail color. I don't know if I used too much, or did it wrong or what, but it just didn't work for me. Luckily, it was only $4.99 on sale at Walgreens.

Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss in Cotton Candy:
I was so excited to try this, and so sad when I did. It looks like a sheer bright hot pink in the tube but it goes on pretty much clear. I was hoping for a sheer hot pink pop of color but got nothing like that. I am sure I will still use it when I just want to add some shiny gloss over a lipstick, but that is about all it will be good for. I love all the other Mega Slicks Lip Glosses I have so this was kind of a let down. I think paid $2.19 for this at Walgreens, so again, no big loss just disappointment.

Have you used any of these products? What did you think of them? If you have any recommendations for a good base coat, or have any idea what I might have done wrong with this one, let me know! :)

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