Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swatched: Wet n Wild Dream Weaver Trios

As promised, here are all the swatches for the 6 different palettes in the Wet n Wild Dream Weavers Limited Edition collection. Based on first impressions, my favorites are Dancing in the Clouds and We're Blasting Off. I also like Earth Looks Small From Down Here and Enter A New Realm but both of those are a bit out of the norm for me. I think I will enjoy playing around with those two. The other two, Bright Idea and Fly Me To The Moon, I just felt I had to have for the bright colors. As you may remember from my original post, I didn't buy Fly Me To The Moon yesterday when I bought the other 5. I actually went back to buy it today, mostly for the blue shade. Almost all of these shades are really pigmented and have a great soft texture to them. I only had slight issues with 3 of the colors. The purple shade in Dancing in the Clouds takes some work to get any color payoff. That is probably the most disappointing color out of all the palettes because it was one I was most excited about. Same with the red shade in Enter A New Realm, though not nearly as bad. The red only takes slightly more work, and that is really only if you want a vibrant red instead of a soft shade. It could work either way. The only color I found to be a little chalky is the white shade in Fly Me To The Moon. This shade is really soft and kinda flakes but the color is so pretty, I am sure I will deal with it on occasion to use it! :)

all swatches are swiped onto clean skin with finger, no primer or base.
Overall, I feel these are a great buy. These retail for $2.99 each. I have seen them at Fred Meyer and heard from Zadidoll that they are available at Rite Aid as well. These are limited edition, so once they are gone the are gone for good!

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