Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Favorite Brushes: Eyes

On Monday, I posted my Favorite Face Brushes. Here are my favorites for eyes. I have tons of eyeshadow brushes, about half of them are Bare Minerals that came with various kits. I used those for a long time when they were all that I had. The other half of my brushes are various inexpensive brands that I purchased, oh and my one MAC brush. I find that I prefer these to the Bare Minerals brushes because the handles are much longer and the quality of the bristles is the same. Several of the Bare Minerals brushes have short handles which I just don't care for as much. So here we go, my top eye brushes.

ELF Small Smudge Brush (top in photo): I love this brush for using eyeshadow to set eyeliner when I use a pencil. I use it most often to set my waterline. Sometimes I like to use a colorful eyeliner to line my eyes and I will use this brush to add a similar colored eyeshadow over the top to brighten the color. (Usually Exotic Tara from Bare Minerals over MAC Surf Baby Blue Noon lately, as I am loving the teal liners.) It would also work for smudging eyeshadow underneath your lower lash line. It is $3.00 from ELF if purchased individually, or you can buy the Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection which includes it.

ELF Small Angled Brush (second from top): I use this brush with my gel or cream eyeliners. Lately that is al I have been using, specifically the ELF Cream Liner in Black. I love using an angled liner brush because I feel like I have better control with the product. This one a great option for not too much money. It is $3.00 individually, but also included in the ELF Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection.

MAC 266 Small Angle Brush (third from top): For years I used this brush and MAC Black Tied eyeshadow as eyeliner. I would get my brush damp, get the powder on it and paint it on. It worked great for me, and I still use it occasionally. I don't use this brush with my gel or cream liners, but specifically for the eyeshadow applied wet method. I love this brush though, it is the only MAC brush I have ever purchased and I have probably had it for almost 6 years. It has held up well, given I didn't know you were supposed to shampoo your brushes for the first several years I had it. (It is much better taken care of now.) This brush retails for $19.50.

Target Up & Up Brand Crease Brush (fourth from top): Who knew that Target had their own brand of makeup brushes? And who knew that this one is so awesome? I do now! This has become my absolute favorite eyeshadow brush. I use it for applying eyeshadow to my inner corner, crease and brow bone. I also use it for blending. The bristles are nice and soft, they pick up product well, they don't fall out and it just works great! All for $1.99. Yes, under two dollars for this amazing brush. If you have a Target nearby, I suggest you check this one out! At my Target, the Up & Up brushes are in the same area as the nail tools and false eyelashes at the very bottom.

ELF Essentials Eyeshadow Brush (fifth from top): This is a great firmer brush you can use for detail like the outer "v" or lining a little eyeshadow underneath your lower lashes. I mostly use this to add a darker color to my crease area before blending it with the Target Crease Brush. It is $1.00 from ELF.

ELF Mineral All-Over Eyeshadow Brush (last in photo): This brush is great for packing on color. The bristles are softer so you can lightly blend the eyeshadow too. I use this brush to add color to my lid and to slightly blend it into my crease. It is $5 from ELF but I got mine in a kit that came with 2 ELF Mineral Eyeshadows and the brush for $5. I have seen these eyeshadow sets at Target before, but they are no longer on the ELF website.

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  1. I really like ELF Small Smudge Brush for the same reason as you :)


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