Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Possible Dupes for MAC Tweet Me

Earlier this year, MAC had a collection called Peacocky. All of the eyeshadows released with this collection were called Mega Metal eyeshadows and they had a nice metallic finish. Well I knew nothing about MAC at the time, so I completely missed this collection. (It was actually this year's Surf Baby collection that got me into MAC.) However, I was able to pick up one of the Mega Metal eyeshadows at my local CCO. It is a beautiful golden peachy color called Tweet Me, and if I had known about the collection originally this is definitely a color I would have purchased. Lucky me that they had this color alone at my CCO. (I am hoping they will get more Mega Metal eyeshadows in but you never know!)

I actually bought Tweet Me about a week ago and have worn it a couple of times since. It is such a pretty color and I love the metallic finish. I decided to try comparing it to all the other eyeshadows I have that are a similar color to see if there was anything close. After doing these swatches together, I definitely think Tweet Me is unique because of that Mega Metal finish, but I did have one eyeshadow that looked identical based on the color. The Ulta brand eyeshadow in Sunburst looks the same as Tweet Me, it just has a less metallic sheen to it. I tried a few other colors I had that I thought were kind of in the same realm but none were very close. The two Benefit eyeshadows I swatched were Cha Cha and Bambi, both of these are now discontinued. They are from the Show Offs loose powders Benefit used to have. (I loved these, I wish they still sold them!) I also swatched one Bare Minerals eyeshadow in Sangria, but it was far too coral. Here are the results:

As I mentioned above, I think the Ulta brand eyeshadow in Sunburst could serve as a dupe for the MAC Mega Metal eyeshadow in Tweet Me. Again, the finish is a little different, with Sunburst having less of a metallic sheen, but they are quite close. If you missed out on the Mega Metal eyeshadows and like Tweet Me, I think Ulta Sunburst would work just fine for you.

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