Sunday, June 12, 2011

My MAC finds at the CCO

I told you about the CCO earlier this week and provided a link to find one near you in This Post. Just to give you an idea of what kind of stuff you might be able to find there, here is what I have found. Keep in mind, selection will vary by location, with some (I assume) having a way better selection than mine. I also got a few of these items as early as this past March when I discovered the CCO so a couple of things may have sold out by now. Yours may or may not have the same products but again, this is just to give you an idea and share my finds. Many of them are limited edition or discontinued items but a few are still part of the regular line. I will designate the regular line items with an *asterisks. I'll also put a price guide for what I paid for everything versus the regular price so you can get an idea of cost. :)

All together, I have purchased 10 single eyeshadows, 6 lip glosses, 4 full size pigments, 15 miniature pigments and a Magically Cool Liquid Powder. As I list everything, I will generally go from left to right in the photo above.

Single Eyeshadows: 
(regular price $14.50, $10.25 at CCO)
*Parfait Amour
Tweet Me (Mega Metal eyeshadow, Originally $19.50, $13.50 at CCO)
Sweet Joy ($11 at CCO)
Crazy Cool
Shimmermoss (Permanent color but I have the To The Beach LE packaging)
Dame's Desire
Prepped for Glamour

"Frisky Business" Mini Lipglass/Lustreglass Holiday Set 
(Originally $29.50, $20.75 at CCO)
Totally It (Lipglass)
Wonderstruck (Lustreglass)
Pinkarat (Lustreglass)
Beaute (Lipglass)
Silly Girl (Lipglass)

To The Beach "Flurry of Fun" Lipglass 
(original price $14, $10 at CCO)

"Truth and Light" Magically Cool Liquid Powder 
(original price $29.50, $20.75 at CCO)
*This item is now available as part of the regular line as well, however I have the Venomous Villains LE packaging

Pigments - full size 
(regular price $19.50, $13.25 at CCO)
If it Sparkles...
*Antique Green

Thrillseekers Mini Pigment Holiday Sets  
(originally $32.50, $26 at CCO)
*There are 3 different sets and many of the colors are available in the permanent collection. I do not have them in order by set in my photo but I will list them by set here. Each has 5 mini vials including 4 pigments and 1 glitter in a LE package.
Cool Set: Mauvement, Softwash Grey, Cheers My Dear, Silver Fog, Reflects Pearl
Warm Set: Gift O'Glamour, Gilded Green, Gold Mode, Most Darling, Reflects Bronze
Smoky Set: Blue Brown, Dark Soul, Naked, Jigs & Jive, Reflects Blackened Red


  1. Oh, wow! I'm speechless... Really awesome haul!

  2. Thanks! It was over about 4 trips there... not all at once. But lots of goodies! :)

  3. Great haul!! I really wish we had a CCO in Hawaii. Can't wait to see some swatches. =)


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