Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Tale of Many Teals

I have been really into teal lately. I can't stop buying teal eyeshadows and I absolutely love teal eyeliner. I have collected quite a few different teals now from many brands, so I thought I would swatch them all together and see if there are any dupes. MAC Shimmermoss is one of the first teal eyeshadows I bought and I actually got it kinda recently. I found it at the Cosmetic Company Outlet near my house about 4 months ago. I know finding dupes of MAC eyeshadows are popular so I am basing all my other teals off of Shimmermoss. I actually went to Ulta today to buy one of their brand of eyeshadows that is supposed to be a dupe, and I was surprised at how far off it was. I don't think it is even close! Take a look...

As always, all swatches are swiped on my bare arm with my finger.
The two supposed dupes for Shimmermoss that I found online are NYX Jungle Green and Ulta Luna. Unfortunately I don't have NYX Jungle Green to compare. NYX Ocean is kinda close but that is supposed to be a dupe for MAC Parrot. In my opinioin, Ulta Luna is so different! It makes me wonder if they changed the formula or something, I just don't see how people could think it is a close match to Shimmermoss. Shimmermoss is much more green with a sort of iridescent blue shimmer. Luna isn't as green and has a bit of a golden shimmer to it. Ulta Deep Sea is compared above and is also supposed to be a dupe for MAC Parrot. I think this one looks closer to Shimmermoss than Luna but I still wouldn't call it a dupe. Deep Sea is not as pigmented as Shimmermoss, but if you build it up it looks close, a touch darker and more golden. The others that I thought were close matches are Bare Minerals Exotic Tara and NYX Turquoise Pearl Pigment. NYX Turquoise Pearl is a little darker and more green. Exotic Tara looks like the best match to me of the shadows I have, at least in person. It is not as pigmented, so again you have to build it up a bit.  I also thought the MAC Partylicious Pigment was kind of close, though it is a little darker and lacks the iridescent shimmer that Shimmermoss has. It looks a touch more blue as well. Below are the swatches I thought were closest.

So this is my collection of teals! (So far... I'm sure more will find their way into my shopping bag in the future...)  I hope this has helped in some way. If nothing else, hopefully you have discovered a shade of teal that you might like to try out! I figure that besides testing for possible dupes, it is also nice to have a bunch of swatches from the same color group in case anyone is trying to find one of them. For those of you interested in any of these colors, I will list a few of my personal favorites. As eyeliner (over a teal pencil liner) I have been using Exotic Tara often and MAC Surf USA a few times now since I got it. (Surf USA is part of the newest MAC Collection, Surf Baby. It came out last week. Click Here to see the other Surf Baby items I got.) NYX Ocean and Turquoise Pearl are probably the next most used. Many of these are still fairly new and I have not had the opportunity to play with them much. The Milani Baked eyeshadow in Teal the Truth actually surprised me, this was the first time I had opened and swatched it. You may remember my review of the Milani eyeshadows several weeks ago (Click Here to read it now!) and how disappointed I was in their pigmentation. Teal the Truth seemed better than the others though, so I look forward to playing with it.

Your feedback is welcome! If you liked this post please let me know, I would be happy to do something similar for another color group. Let me know what you want to see! Thanks for looking! :)

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