Saturday, May 14, 2011

Swatched: UD Rollergirl Palette

Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette
When I first heard about this palette, I was so excited about it. It must have been almost 2 months ago and as soon as that release date hit I was in Sephora and Ulta frequently looking for it. I even checked Macy's a few times and no luck. Then, finally, a week ago I walked into Ulta and there it was! It is so wonderful to look for something for weeks and finally find it!

I think this is a really fun palette. I love the designs and photos on the package, and the gold shiny text on the front totally completes the 70's theme. For those of you who already own Urban Decay's Naked Palette, the shade Darkhorse is repeated in this palette. I do have the Naked Palette (love it!!) and decided to get this in large part for the hot pink and the lightest neutral shade. Oh and I also really wanted the mini Lip Junkie. 

Fresh out of the package!
This palette comes with 4 shades of eyeshadow: Woodstock (bright pink with slight shimmer), Verve (pale oyster shimmer), Suspect (sheer sparkly beige), Darkhorse (bronze plum shimmer.) It also comes with a mini 24/7 eye pencil in Whiskey (rich brown) and a mini Lip Junkie lipgloss in Crush (sheer hot pink.) Each eyeshadow is 0.04oz which is just a bit smaller than the 0.05oz regular sized eyeshadows. The lipgloss is pretty mini at 0.12oz (a full size is 0.34) and the eye pencil is about 3/4 full size at 0.03oz. 

The back of the box
I love that this palette came with the travel size Crush lipgloss instead of a mini Primer Potion.  I actually already own a full size Lip Junkie in Crush and I love it. It goes on somewhat sheer but there is a definite hint of hot pink. I love the minty fresh smell and taste of the lipgloss too. The texture of it is great, not to thin but not too sticky. A little goes a long way with these, no need to load it on your lips. These are great to use over lipstick or just on your bare lips. I almost always have one in my purse.

Mini Lip Junkie!
The eyeshadows are up to the normal Urban Decay standards of course. They are all well pigmented and have a nice texture. I will probably end up using the 3 neutrals the most, but I am definitely going to try out that hot pink Woodstock shade! Some ideas I have seen online are using the hot pink on your lid and the neutrals in your crease, or doing a smoky eye with the neutrals and using the hot pink as a liner. This palette has endless possibilities for fun looks. I think this would be good for anyone who loves neutrals and is looking to throw a bright color into the mix. Or just anyone who loves Urban Decay. :)
The Swatches...
This palette is available in store at Ulta in my area but I still haven't seen it at Sephora. It is also available on both of those websites, the Urban Decay website and on Macy's website. It is $32 at all these retailers. 

Rollergirl on
Rollergirl on
Rollergirl on
Rollergirl on


  1. Thanks for showing this. That pink is gorgeous!

  2. Isn't it? I LOVE the lipgloss too... :)


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