Friday, May 13, 2011

Showdown: UD The Black Palette VS. NYX Lake Moss Trio

A while back, I ordered The Black Palette from Urban Decay. Read about it here. More recently, I have been buying a bunch of the NYX eyeshadow trios and I came across # TS33 Lake Moss. To me, it looked really close to some of the Black Palette eyeshadows, but I bought it anyway for comparison. So here we go, a showdown between the Urban Decay Black Palette and the NYX Lake Moss trio. (Plus a couple of NYX single eyeshadows for good measure.)

The Contenders
Urban Decay's The Black Palette: This palette contains 6 black based eyeshadows with jewel toned shimmers. Each has a name printed below it. It also includes a mini UDPP in Eden and a mini 24/7 eyeliner in Zero. The palette itself is a glittery black with a shiny finish and metallic lettering. There is a mirror inside. It costs $36.

NYX Lake Moss Trio: This eyeshadow trio has 3 black based eyeshadows with jewel toned shimmer. These have no names, so I will refer to them as shades 1 through 3 from left to right as they appear in the palette. It has a mirror inside and includes a foam applicator. It costs $8.
(NYX Lake Moss Trio is also bringing some backup to the battle, 2 of the NYX Single Eyeshadows. They are shades ES01 Black and ES82a Exotic Green. Both are simply eyeshadows in a black plastic case. They cost $4.99 each regular price, but I probably got them on sale at Ulta.)

The Swatches
(All shades swatched dry with my finger onto bare skin.)

The Battle
As you can see, there were not any exact duplicates. The UD Black Dog is definitely a richer black than the NYX Black eyeshadow. UD Libertine is more pigmented than the NYX Exotic Green eyeshadow. But the Lake Moss trio actually surprised me. I think all 3 shades of the Lake Moss trio are very vibrant, though they have more shimmer than the comparable shades. I like the first and second shades of the Lake Moss better than the comparable UD Black Palette shades. The third shade from Lake Moss looks almost greenish once swatched, so it might have been better compared to Libertine. In the pan, that third shade looks like a dark grey with gold shimmer, which is why I compared it to Cobra and Barracuda. I have not worn the Lake Moss trio yet, so I cannot comment on how these two compare in length of wear, but I have had good luck so far with both brands so I expect the NYX trios to be of comparable quality. The texture of all the UD shades is really smooth and velvety, and the NYX shadows are similar for the most part except I found the first shade in Lake Moss to be ever so slightly gritty. Both of the NYX singles are nice and velvety as well.

The Conclusion
While there were no exact matches for any of the shades, I think I have found that I prefer the NYX Lake Moss trio to some of the comparable shades in The Black Palette. UD Black dog is definitely the blackest black so far, so there is no competition there. Also I didn't have a comparable NYX shade for UD Cobra. So if you are looking for that super blackest black and loving the rest of the shades in the black palette, go for it. Personally, I probably would have skipped The Black Palette if I had found the NYX trio first. After this comarison, I just don't think it was worth the extra money for the Black Dog and Cobra shades when I like the NYX colors better in the other shades. I am glad I got to try the Eden Primer Potion that came with the Black Palette though, it is definitely a favorite now and I use that every day. 

I'll leave it up to you to decide which you like better... 

Purchase the NYX Lake Moss Trio at NYX Cosmetics,  Cherry Culture or Ulta. You can also check your local Bartell Drugs, I know mine carries NYX.

Purchase the Urban Decay The Black Palette at Urban Decay or Sephora

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