Monday, May 23, 2011

Physicians Formula at Rite Aid

Waikiki Strip & Vegas Strip by Physicians Formula
I was just at my local Rite Aid where they have Physicians Formula on sale for BOGO 1/2 off. I picked up two different Shimmer Strips Bronzers in Waikiki Strip and Vegas Strip. Each one had an additional coupon on it, one for $5 off and one for $4 off. I was able to use the BOGO deal as well as the two sticker coupons on the packages and paid a total of $12.09 for both of these! At my Rite Aid they are $12.95 each regular price. I paid less than the regular cost of one of these and got both! Score!


  1. I reviewed Waikiki a bit ago on my own blog and that's great you got a deal!! I hope to hear how you like them!

  2. So I used Waikiki yesterday and today, on my cheeks and as eyeshadow. I like it but it is a little shimmery for a bronzer. (Then again it is called "shimmer" strips!) I loved it as an eyeshadow though... and on my cheeks using a light hand!


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