Sunday, May 15, 2011

NYX Sale is on! (Now with updates!)

The sale is on! 5pm to 5am PT everything on NYX is $1.20 each! They expect it to be slow due to high traffic but keep trying and remember you have 12 hours to shop! :)
Happy shopping fellow makeup addicts!

Update (6:43pm): They are still experiencing some issues due to the traffic, but they have extended the sale until noon tomorrow! (Monday 5-16)

Update (5/16 at 8:31am): So I was completely unable to use the website last night, but it seems to be working this morning. It is REALLY slow but I actually have some stuff in my cart. There is SO much stuff on sale for $1.20! I want to buy everything. But I cant, unfortunately I'm not independently wealthy. LOL
I did see that they are now going to offer a code for 50% off with free shipping once this sale is over, and that will be good for the rest of the week I believe. They should be posting the code after this sale ends at noon. :)


Update (5/16 at Noon): I have completely given up. It took hours just to get the pages to load enough to add stuff to my cart, then I was unable to check out. I have been hearing about a lot of people having the same problems. It is really disappointing, there are many things I would have liked to have. I am kinda over NYX at this point. I am sure I will continue to use the products I already have but I doubt I will buy much more from them. I just think it will sting a little to pay regular price for something I was supposed to be able to get for $1.20 during their sale. I also feel that as a company they have let us down. They should have known how big their sale was going to be and been more prepared.

Oh well, I'm over it. On to the ELF sale! :)

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