Sunday, May 15, 2011

NYX 12th Anniversary Sale: Everything is $1.20!

I have been visiting family all day and had no internet. The sale was supposed to start at noon (Pacific time) but the site has apparently crashed and been down since then. I am sitting in a car waiting for a ferry and blogging from my phone, waiting for the news that the NYX website is back up! LOL

If you are following NYX on Facebook or Twitter, they seem to be updating us constantly on the status of the sale. It was supposed to be a 12 hour sale from noon to midnight, and they are to extend it post midnight now. There will still be a full 12 hours of shopping once the website is fixed. They are not offering free shipping or any kind of free gifts with your sale purchase because its such a good deal already. There is only going to be a limited quantity of each product available and you are limited to no more than two of a certain shade of a product.

Well, I am hoping the site is fixed soon and that I am able to buy some stuff using my phone! There are only a few things I want, so I hope it doesn't sell out too fast!

What are you hoping to buy from this NYX sale?

Best of luck to you if you are trying to shop the sale!

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