Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nordstrom Rack Beauty Finds

I recently stopped in Nordstrom Rack and decided to take a look in their accessories section. They had a small area for makeup, including a whole bunch of nail polishes. There was one display tower that had at least one full side of Palladio cosmetics, I think a second side of it might have been mostly that brand as well. There was a decent amount of Jane cosmetics. They also had a display table full of marked down Two Faced, Stila and Smashbox cosmetics. Everything seemed to be around 50% off original price.

There were Smashbox eyeshadow palettes in both Kiss n Tell and Hot Date from their Spring 2010 Heartbreaker collection. They also had the Fusion Softlights in Baked Starlight from Heartbreaker. There may have been a Smashbox fragrance too.

There were tons of Stila eyeshadow pans. Many of them were single shades but there were several duos as well. There were a bunch of the Fabulous in Fiji and Trendsetting in Tokyo palettes as well.

The Too Faced selection included First Base eyeshadow base, Pure Bronze pearl and mineral bronzer, Ooh La Rouge blush in Creme Brulee, Glamor Dust in a blue color (I am not sure of the name of the color) and several lipglosses. They also had the Too Faced Leopard Love complexion perfection kit packaged with a mascara. It was about $20 for both items.

I ended up getting the Pure Bronze, the Creme Brulee blush, the First Base shadow base and a couple of Jane eyeshadows. I will post swatches for these soon! I have used the First Base a few times now and it seems to work really well. I wore it with some ELF eyeshadow yesterday to work (a 10 hour shift at a restaurant) and there was absolutely no visible creasing when I got home! I was amazed! I will try it out with a few more brands of eyeshadow but so far it seems great. I will post more details with my swatches.

This was the first time that I have really paid attention to the makeup selection at Nordstrom Rack, but I think I will definitely start checking back more frequently. I am planning on making it there this week so I will update you on their current selection when I do. (This is for a Nordstrom Rack in Western Washington. I am sure the selection varies according to region but it could be worth checking out your local store if it isn't out of your way!)

See the swatches here:
Pure Bronze Mineral Bronzer
Ooh La Rouge Creme Brulee
First Base Eyeshadow Base
Jane Eye Zing Eyeshadows

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