Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MORE ELF Mineral Eyeshadows!!

Hey everyone! A week or so ago ELF had a coupon code to get 10 free mineral eyeshadows with a $25 purchase. I decided to order a couple of things and use the code. I already have many of their mineral eyeshadows and really like them. See them here! so I ordered a bunch of colors I didn't have. (I think at this point I have all of them except maybe 2.)

The 10 new ones I got are Glamorous, Girly, Sweet, Temptress (matte), Natural, Trendy, Sassy, Confident, Wild and Golden. As I mentioned before in a previous post about ELF, it can be difficult to tell what color the products will actually be when you get them. Their online swatches are not very realistic. As you will see, neither are the swatches on the boxes for these eyeshadows. Going by photos and swatches of the actual product is the best way to go if you are trying to decide what colors you would like. Here are the bottom views of my new colors and their boxes.
As you can see, I got mostly neutrals this time. The last time I ordered ELF mineral shadows I got all the bright colors so these were the best options left that I did not have. The quality, pigmentation and texture of these is the same as the others I have: good. There are not many matte shades in ELF's mineral eyeshadow line, but Temptress is one of the few. I had one other matte shade in my last ELF mineral order, I believe it was Innocent. Partier is also a matte shade, but I do not own that one. Most of these have a really pretty shimmer to them. A few even have some glitter, but nothing too much. Check out the swatches.
I think my favorites from this bunch are Sweet, Natural, Trendy, Confident and Golden. In case you were wondering, my favorites from the colors I already had are Socialite, Celebrity and Innocent. I like to use those 3 together. These mineral shadows are very comparable to my Bare Minerals eyeshadows. I think they are great quality and you can't beat the price! I would recommend these to anyone, I think everyone could find a couple colors they like.
These are really inexpensive at $3 each regular price, but ELF often has coupon codes to save 50% or other great deals. So if you don't mind waiting you could save a few extra bucks. You can also check out your local Target or K-mart. The stores by me carry some ELF products but not a lot of minerals. Occasionally there are some mineral eyeshadow sets though. Call or check the store near you if you are interested because their stock could vary by region.  :)

 Click Here for some current coupon codes for ELF and other brands.
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