Thursday, May 26, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Swatches

 Is anyone else as excited about the packaging on this collection as I am? I LOVE it. It is so cute! I only got 5 things though there is more I would have liked if I could spare the extra money. MAC is a bit on the expensive side for me, so this was a splurge! But I love it. In case I didn't already tell you. :)
I decided to get 2 lipsticks, 2 eyeshadows and an eyeliner from the Surf Baby collection. I am loving teal eyeliners and shadows lately so naturally I had to get the Blue Noon Powerpoint liner and the Surf USA eyeshadow. The other eyeshadow I got is Short Shorts, which is a really pretty off white with a hint of iridescent shimmer. I actually think of the color of sunscreen when I see it, perhaps that would have been a more appropriate name? The lipsticks I got are Bust Out! and Hibiscus. Bust Out! is a sheer purple color and Hibiscus is a bright coral. Below are close ups and swatches for all.

I can't wait to play with these and find some color combinations I like. I am wearing the Bust Out! lipstick today, I put it on as soon as I took these pictures. (I always make myself wait to use new makeup until I can take pictures of it for the blog!) I had already done my eye makeup for the day otherwise I would have tried the eyeshadows and liner as well. I will try to come up with a couple good looks and post pictures and instructions for you.

Thanks for looking! :)

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