Sunday, May 22, 2011

ELF Clearance at Target

ELF is super inexpensive as it is, and I have loved their products so far. So when I saw these palettes on clearance at Target the other day, I had to get them! Regular price they were $5 each but at my Target these were on clearance for 30% off. I got them for $3.48 each. Besides the two palettes above, I got the Bestsellers Collection too (photo below.) It was the same price, $5 originally but $3.48 on clearance. Also on clearance were some sets with 4 duo eyeshadows that I think came with brushes. There were a ton of the Everyday Basics Palettes (See photo here) that I had bought awhile back.
The Bestsellers Collection comes with eyelash curlers, a black mascara, a black liquid eyeliner, an eyeshadow brush and a trio of shimmery neutral eyeshadows. The only item I have played around with so far is the liquid eyeliner, and honestly I wasn't a fan. The consistency wasn't right, it seemed like it was too thin. I did really like the applicator so it is too bad the actual liner liquid was no good. The applicator is a felt tip as opposed to a brush, so for me that would be much better. I am no good with the thin brushes on most liquid eyeliners!! I already have some of the ELF makeup brushes and love them, so I know I will use the brush that came with this. It has a black handle like their studio line brushes, but it doesn't say if it is from the studio line or not. I am sure I will use the eyelash curlers, those seem to be just fine. I have not used the eyeshadow yet but I do love neutrals! Even without using the liquid liner, I still feel this was a great deal for me.
 Each of the Beauty Books have 12 eyeshadows, a black eyeliner, a sponge applicator and instructions for a look. I got the Bright Eye (left) and the Smoky Eye (right) Beauty Books. I believe there may have been a third Beauty Book but these were the two they had left at my Target. I have not yet used these but I will post swatches in the next couple of days.

In the mean time, I suggest checking your local Target if you are interested in these. I looked on the Target website and they do still have these but at regular price. On the ELF website, I couldn't find the exact Bestsellers Collection that I got but the Eyes Get the Look Vol. 1 seems really close and is $5. The Beauty Books are available for $5 also. Don't forget to use a coupon code! Hopefully you can find them on clearance in store! Good luck!

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