Thursday, May 26, 2011

Buxom Stay There Eyeshadow Palette

This is not your typical palette. When I think of a palette, a cardboard or plastic case with multiple slots filled with strips of shimmery eyeshadows (and most likely a mirror and applicator) comes to mind. This is different. Meet the Buxom Stay There Palette.

The patent leather case you see above contains 4 full size jars of Buxom Stay There eyeshadow, 3 of the colors are exclusive to this set. I love this little zip case. If you take out the foam separator inside then you can fit the 4 Stay There shadows with a some room to spare. Or just fill it with one or two Stay There shadows and your other favorite products. I like to bring a few things with me in my purse, so I think this will be a perfect size for that.
Above is a shot of the box with some of the panels of the box around it. The strip on the top shows the colors included and has icons of the dogs they are named after. On the right side is one of the side panels on the box, showing some of the claims of their product. The bottom portion of the above photo has the english description from the back of the box. All the colors in the Buxom Stay There eyeshadows are named after dog breeds. At first I thought it was kind of weird to associate girls and makeup with dogs. Then I read that Buxom donates to Canine Companions, an orginazation that provides companion dogs to people with disabilities. So it is definitely for a good cause!
The color of these is really pretty. Mutt is part of the permanent line of Stay There Shadows, but the other three are exclusive to this palette. The texture of these is like nothing I have ever felt. I would say it is kind of like the Maybelline Mousse products, but more fluffy and airy. (And definitely more pigmented, at least based on the one Maybelline Mousse eyeshadow I have used in the past.) They feel slightly cool to the touch and sort of bounce back a little when you swipe your finger in it. The box says to Pet them and Love them, I have to agree. The wear of these is alright. The color stays just fine but I couldn't get them not to crease. I tried them alone, with primer and with primer then set with translucent powder. The box says that 90% of women claimed they didn't crease so maybe I am just one of the other 10%. The box also says they are waterproof, but I have not put that to the test yet. I do love them for the colors and texture, but I am not sure I would buy any more of them. They will make a great eyeshadow base for me though. Since they are full size, and a good selection of colors I think they will last quite awhile.

This set is exclusive to Sephora and retails for $42. The single Stay There eyeshadows are $18, so this is an excellent deal if you like the colors. Get it here!


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