Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Swatched: Stila Artist's Inspiration Palette

This palette is available on Sephora's website for $15. It is an online only, limited edition product. This mirrored palette comes with 5 eyeshadows and a blush. The colors included are (from left to right) top row: Fluorescent Green, Ebony and Electric Pink (the cheek color) and bottom row: Golightly, Dapple and Kitten.

I actually didn't realize when I ordered this that the hot pink shade was supposed to be a blush. (It even says in the description that it is a palette of 6 eyeshadows!) I read many of the reviews of this palette on Sephora's website before purchasing it and I remember one reviewer complaining that the pink wasn't as pigmented as they had hoped. Well, that makes complete sense now that I know it is meant for your cheeks! That aside, I feel that the colors are very well pigmented. I think you could get the blush to work as an eye shadow but you would have to build it up to get as bright as it is in the palette.

The first time I used Kitten, I had to double check that it wasn't actually a creme shadow. It was so smooth and soft. The downside to this texture is I feel like I get way more on the brush than I intend to, so I will definitely have to use a lighter hand when it comes to these. The color is beautiful though, I can see why it has such a following in the makeup world! The other shadows don't seem as soft as Kitten but they are also very smooth and blend well. I have not had a chance to play around with this palette too much yet but I look forward to experimenting with the colors and testing out how long they last. I will report back to you with a better review once I have. :)

Here are some swatches for you! These were taken in "daylight" on an overcast day, no flash. All of these swatches are on clean bare skin and applied dry. They are in the same order as in the palette. Hope this helps! :)

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