Friday, April 29, 2011

Swatched: Milani Runway Eyes Single Eyeshadows

(with flash) L-R: Beach Sand, Girls Luv Pink, Aubergine, Purrr-fect Purple
(without flash) L-R: Beach Sand, Girls Luv Pink, Aubergine, Purrr-fect Purple
Milani is kinda hard to find near me. I have seen it at a Fred Meyers but not at all of them and the one that has it is out of my way. I also found it at one local Target. I think the Kmart near me has the best selection. Last week Fred Meyer was having a sale on all their cosmetics, buy one get one half off. Kmart was also having a buy one get one half off sale on Milani and a few other select brands. Since I am attracted to sparkly things, these Runway Eyes shadows by Milani have always caught my attention. I don't like to pay full price for anything if I can help it, and this sale was pretty good so I decided to try some of these out.

I actually purchased 8 of these, but I have only opened 3 so far. (I am also throwing one of their baked metallic eyeshadows into this post.) These eyeshadows can be applied wet or dry, and they promote that applying them wet will make them appear very intense. To me there isn't much of a difference in the pigmentation when applied either way. It is just lacking overall. I kinda knew this when I purchased these as I had read a lot about them online. Some people seemed to be able to get decent pigmentation from them, but many did not. The darker colors seem to have slightly better pigmentation than the lighter ones. My thought was that I would be able to use them over other eyeshadows to add a little sparkle. They don't really deliver a whole lot used this way either. There is some sparkle, but all that glitter you see in the pan of eyeshadow before you use it is just an overspray. Once you get past that first layer, it is still sparkly but nothing like it looked originally.  (Note: I have used mine prior to taking these pictures, any of that glitter overspray left in tact is around the edges of the shadow. I wanted to give you an idea of what they look like once that layer is gone. Also, there is no overspray on the baked metallic eyeshadow.)

(with Flash)                                    (without Flash)
#11 Beach Sand 

(with Flash)                                    (without Flash)
#05 Girls Luv Pink

(with Flash)                                    (without Flash)
#13 Aubergine

(with Flash)                                    (without Flash)
#604 Purrr-fect Purple (Baked Metallic eyeshadow)

I am not sure yet if I will keep the ones I have not opened yet or just return them and try out something else. If I do end up opening them I will post swatches of them as well. If I keep them it will be to use them as a highlight or add that little hint of shimmer, but definitely not for the intense color I hoped for. I will probably play around with the ones I have opened a bit more before making up my mind if I will return the unopened ones.

Here are the swatches, all applied on clean bare skin:
(L-R): Beach Sand, Girls Luv Pink, Aubergine, Purrr-fect Purple
Overall, I would pass on these. I really wanted to like them, but so far they are just not living up to my expectations.


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