Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NYX on Hautelook today...

I heard about this sale yesterday, set my alarm to get up this morning and then accidentally slept through the alarm. Now, two hours after the sale has started, I was shocked to see that nothing was sold out yet! I did check everything out but I think I am going to chance it and not order anything. It seemed pretty expensive to me. I have been wanting the chrome eyeshadows, but I have heard about the bundle sales NYX has every so often. The price on Hautelook is double the price those went for during their last bundle sale at NYX. I am hoping that once this Hautelook sale ends, NYX will announce their next bundle sale and I can score a better deal on those eyeshadows. After all, it was April 22nd last year that they started one, and the Hautelook sale ends on the 22nd! I'll just keep my fingers crossed.  :)

If you are interested, they have 2 different bundles of 28 chrome eyeshadows for $50.50 each. For $21.50 there is a diamond sparkle lipgloss bundle set of 13. The set of 22 brush on glosses is $26.50. A fruity lipgloss set goes for $8.50, a set of 11 lip lacquer pots goes for $33 and they have 17 shades of black label compact powders for $5 each. The compact powders are the only things available separately.

Shop the sale here!

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