Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ELF Swatches: Sea Blue Collection

This is the Sea Blue eyeshadow collection from ELF's mineral makeup line. All of these swatches are on clean bare skin and applied dry.
Sea Blue Collection (with flash)
(L-R) Dreamy and Beachy

Sea Blue Collection (in sunlight)
(L-R) Dreamy and Beachy

Swatches for Sea Blue(with flash)
(L-R) Dreamy and Beachy

Swatches for Sea Blue (in sunlight)
(L-R) Dreamy and Beachy
This set is part of my order from using my ELF Groupon several weeks back. It included the two eyeshadows shown here and a mineral eyeshadow brush. The set was $5 and I ordered it from ELF's website. To read my preliminary review of their mineral eyeshadows, Click Here.

Update 5/31/11: I just got 10 more ELF mineral eyeshadows, see the swatches here!

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