Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ELF Mineral Eyeshadows Review

Several weeks back, Groupon did a deal for $35 worth of ELF mineral makeup for $15. I ordered my stuff as soon as the Groupon was available (usually you have to wait a day or two after purchasing, and I wanted to make sure I got the best selection.) I ended up only getting eyeshadows, there were just so many colors I wanted to try. You did still have to pay for shipping with the Groupon, that was about $7 for me. I also went $1 over the $35 amount, so I ended up spending about $23 for $36 worth of their makeup. Still a good deal!

All this for $23!
The regular price for the single mineral eyeshadows is $3, for the 2 eyeshadow and brush set it was $5, and for the set of 3 eyeshadows it was also $5. The mineral eyeshadow brush is $5 if you were to buy it alone, so basically you get 2 free mineral eyeshadows when you buy it in the set. Then of course the 3 shadows for $5 is great, since they would be $9 if purchased separately.

The single shadows I got, from left to right: Socialite, Royal, Celebrity,
Innocent, Flirty, Elegant and Caffeinated. 
Sandy Beach Shadows and Brush on left, Sea Blue Shadows and Brush on right.
Sandy Beach comes with Socialite and Celebrity. Sea Blue comes with Beachy and Dreamy.
All of these shadows are available separately. 

Smoldering & Smoky Shadow Collection. This set includes Seductive, 
Smoldering and Angelic shadows. All 3 are available separately.

Unfortunately, I ended up with 2 of Socialite and Celebrity. I didn't realize the Sandy Beach set came with these and I couldn't tell that they were the same online. It doesn't say anywhere on their website what colors come with the sets. I do really like both colors though, so having a backup isn't a bad thing. I just would have liked to know so I could have tried some different ones. Another thing I noticed about the photos on their website is that the colors don't show up very true. Many of the colors I ordered are much darker in person than they appeared online.

I had never used ELF makeup prior to this. I am happily impressed with the quality of their product. The texture and pigmentation is very similar to most of the Bare Minerals eyeshadows I own. I think it would be fair to say that if you switched the labels I would never know the difference. The containers are the same size. The shadows lasted a long time and didn't crease easily, especially with a primer. A couple of the eyeshadow sets I bought with my Groupon included eyeshadow brushes from ELF's mineral brushes line. I am very happy with these as well and would definitely repurchase. They don't seem to be the highest quality; the bristles fall out a little bit. But they are very soft and blend the shadows well. You can't really complain for the price!

Overall I really like everything I got and I can't wait to try out more of their stuff. They are having a 50% off sale right now, if you are interested!

Swatches and makeup looks using these products to follow!  :)

Swatches here:   Sandy Beach Collection, Sea Blue Collection, Smoldering & Smoky Collection, Single Mineral Shadows

Update 5/31/11: I just got 10 more ELF mineral eyeshadows, see the swatches here!

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